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Congratulations - it's a short working week! For some people, their work week ends on Wednesday. Others will be back for a (fairly casual) Friday, like myself. But whatever your working schedule, most people will be enjoying Australia Day with friends, family and food.

And because it's Australia Day, there's no better time to grab a BBQ and torch the living snot out of some meat and veg.

As someone who spent years in Cubs and Scouts, I'm pretty accustomed to BBQ food. Sausages, minute steaks, skewers, burnt veg are all good staples, although the one thing I learned to really crave - and partially because my Dad was a master at not ruining it - was BBQ apple pies. They weren't anything fancy. Just regular store-bought Sara Lee apple pies in the foil containers.

But man, those things on the BBQ? Golden. Something else that's amazing is BBQ haloumi. Christ. I just want some for lunch now. I'm nearly salivating at the thought.

What do you like to inhale food wise from the BBQ? And have you got anything planned for Australia Day?


    Lamb bread!

    Combine fatty lamb mince, coriander, ground cumin, garlic, and hp sauce (trust me, it's one of those secret ingredients which makes everything better).

    Stuff pocket bread with a thin layer of the mix.

    Slap it on the flat plate of a BBQ, cooking until the lamb fat soaks the bread and fries it just a bit. You can press it hard to speed things up.

    So good.

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    Bbq Pork ribs with a thick jack daniels sauce! So tender that they just pull apart

    Bunning's sausage mate

      A mate went to a Bunnings last weekend and they only had vegetarian sausages.
      It's un-Australian.

    Cheese Kransky Hotdogs - Brioche or soft hot dog bun, Caramelized onions, BBQ'd Cheese Kransky (cooked low and slow), Mustard and Tomato sauce/Splash of hot sauce. Boom!

    My girlfriends dad only buys Wagyu its pretty much the only thing he spends his money on, he is the master of the Charcoal BBQ he has almost ruined steak for me anywhere else.

    Living in the US means missing out on some staples, and one such is the humble Australian sausage. Good luck finding anything approximating those here. It's just hot dog franks for miles. :(

      Oh god how do you survive?

        I managed to secure some vegemite so not all is lost.

        Don't get me started on bacon, either. American bacon is pretty awful.

      Find you nearest European community all our snags are based on their style. A little Bratwurst would probably go a long way if all you have is hotdogs.

    Alex, I saw the headline and was all set to come in here to say "BBQ haloumi is the food of the gods" and you beat me to it!

    Another delicious option is marinated (with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and parsley) Portobello mushrooms.

      Yeah I also came to tell @alexwalker about the haloumi and am happy to see he already knows of the goodness that it is.

      PRO TIP : try sprinkling it with some sesame seeds (prior to cooking) serve with a quarter lemon, squeeze that baby over the top and omnomnomnomnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmm !

    Fresh caught mackerel steaks.

    And yes, haloumi is the bomb.

    Lamb spare ribs. Moroccan or Greek style spices and herbs - skin side down first to render the fat until they juuuuust start to burn, then finish off the edges.

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    Chicken kababs, i never buy the store bought crap, i always make my own with chicken breast and my own marinade.

    Hot smoked salmon. Brined in sugar and salt the day before, rested in the fridge overnight then smoked for 8 to 10 hrs. Can smoke a brisket at the same time :)

    For a bbq brekky I like little portions of banana wrapped in bacon with a toothpick holding it together......fuck its tasty

    I'm a fan of putting some rib eye on the bone on the barbie. Sometimes I'll get a butterflied leg of lamb and marinate it in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and rosemary and throw that on the barbie too.

    Butterflied chicken

    Miso marinated eggplant

    Thick beef sausages split in half.

    Onions cooked in beer while you drink the beer.

    Better yet, if the bbq is one of the wood-fired varieties in a national park picnic area. Making the fire is half the fun.

    First things first. Charcoal >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> gas.

    Gas has its purpose. Quick BBQ cooking, but Charcoal creates wonders.

    But as far as meat goes, Lamb chops, Beef and chicken skewers, hamburgers (made from chuck steak mince)

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