Speedrunner Blazes Through Titanfall 2 In One Hour, 38 Minutes

Speedrunner Blazes Through Titanfall 2 In One Hour, 38 Minutes

Titanfall 2 is a phenomenal game full of wall running, power slides, boosting mechs and innovative platforming. It’s a natural pick for a speed game. The world record run is as fast as it comes and pretty damn exciting.

DraQu currently holds the fastest time with a 1:38:58. He’s an incredibly skilled player who previously held an astonishing record in Devil Daggers.

Titanfall 2’s campaign takes an average player about five to six hours, but DraQu makes it look like child’s play. It’s a whirlwind of perfect movement and aggressive Titan action. Sometimes, he rushes and dodges his way through waves of enemies.

There’s even a few neat skips for good measure. At one point, DraQu just decided to sit down and chill against a wall before he suddenly sequence breaks to skip a major encounter.

The game is still relatively new to speedrunners and the leaderboards are meagre. Techniques are still being formed but a huge trick that allows DraQu to move so fast is constant use of “slide hops”. Leaping out of a slide leads to very fast speeds and DraQu chains that manoeuvre with other movements to achieve a breakneck pace.

From twisting factory floors to wild temporal platforming, every new challenge is dazzling to watch. If you haven’t played the game, you should probably just go do that but otherwise? Grab a cup of tea, sit down and enjoy the ride.

Most importantly? Be safe, pilots.


  • Every game like this makes me dream of a Vanquish II – adding wallrunning to that would enhance the arcade-scifi-ballet-ness of it all and i am down with that.

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