Toy Time Plays With Pokemon Sun And Moon's Z-Ring 

In what seems like an obvious effort to stay competitive with Level 5's monster collecting sensation Yo-Kai Watch, Pokemon Sun And Moon get their own interactive wrist toy in the form of Tomy's Z-Ring bracelet. Let's see how it works.

The Z-Ring bracelet mimics the one your character receives in the early moments of the latest pair of Pokemon games. As you journey through the Alola region you complete challenges to win Z-Crystals, special items that allow Pokemon aligned to the same element to unleash devastating super moves. You can see some of them (as well as their accompanying trainer dances) towards the end of the trailer below.

Tomy's Z-Ring is a role-playing accessory that closely resembles its in-game counterpart. Using sound cues played by the 3DS when a Z-Move is activated (sorry, headphone players) the Z-Ring pulses and flashes in time, vibrating as each move reaches its crescendo. You can see it in action in the video atop this post.

The Z-Ring I played with was an out of package version sent by Tomy, and did not include Pikachu.

The overall effect is rather nifty, especially when the crystal in the toy corresponds with the one being used in-game. In 3DS mode the lights atop the bracelet flash in the same colour as the in-game crystal. The Z-Ring can also be switched to roleplay mode, with lights and sounds matching the physical crystal inserted.

Go go grass ranger! Wait.

Tomy's Z-Ring features some pretty cool tech, though it does come at a price. The basic Z-Ring bundle retails for $38, with a pack of three Z-Crystals running $10, collecting all nine Z-Crystals plus the Z-Ring will run you $68.

So shiny.

Still, you'll look completely ridiculous doing all of Pokemon Sun And Moon's Alolan dance moves without the proper accessories. Tomy's Z-Ring dials that down to mostly ridiculous.

The Z-Ring should be available in many stores on November 18, as well as direct from Tomy.


    Had a feeling it wouldn't fit on larger wrists, glad I waited.

    Wait so.... the type gems are pointless? but you cant do the Z moves in game without the Bracelet?

      You can do Z moves in game without the bracelet fine.
      The whole bracelet is pointless. It's just a toy that responds to audio cues from the game

    god it's hideous. cheap and nasty, bulky, ugly plastic.
    also, it's called a z-ring but it's a bracelet? ummm ok.

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