Here's A Mario-Themed Toilet Surrounded By Lava

Image: Imgur/PUSClFER

If Mario married Princess Peach and moved into the castle, this is what his throne room would look like, probably.

The pictures are from a video games store and café called Webhallen Fridhemsplan in Stockholm, Sweden. The café is clearly inspired by Mario. Imgurian PUSCIFER posted pictures of what it looks like inside and while there are certainly a lot to see (that Peach cosplayer is amazing), what caught our eye was actually the toilet.

Here's the throne room from the outside:

Image: Imgur/PUSClFER

The toilet, which is shaped like a Mario travelling pipe, is surrounded by what appears to be lava. Imagine looking down at that when you've got a bad case of the "ring of fire".

Image: Imgur/PUSClFER


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