What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Given that it's cold, wet and miserable in Sydney, and is set to remain that way for the foreseeable future, I'm looking forward to the leisurely activity that is farming the strike.

It's Don Bradman Cricket time.

The Aussie-made farming simulator (it's a batting term) released a little early this week, although the street date had already been broken overseas. I've spent around 8-9 hours with the game so far and played through a full casual T20 match with the Australian and West Indian female squads.

I'll be keen to see how the game holds up, although it's clear there are a few kinks to work out. I'll also have a bit of time to keep working my way through Final Fantasy 15, which I'm been thoroughly enjoying. It's probably my favourite Open-World Thing of the year, now that I think about it.

What will you be playing this weekend, the last one before Christmas?


    Probably some Stardew Valley and Burnout Paradise (when it finally gets added to the Games With Gold list for this month). Also, the usual AdVenture Capitalist, Clicker Heroes, Time Clickers etc.

    Might go and see Rogue One again too. Maybe it'll be better the second time around.

    The annual run around for Christmas has begun, but will hopefully get some Super Mario Run and Super Mario Maker 3DS in while I can

    I found DBC14 at EB for $5 last year, and I was pretty happy for it. Any idea what the DBC17 RRP for PC is going to be?

      Can't find anything on price details for the PC version, and there's only a demo on Steam at the moment (no full version up for pre-order yet), but some googling revealed that it's apparently supposed be released on Steam on the 22nd. My guess would be probably somewhere in the 40-60USD range.

    Destiny, farming strikes and racing in SRL for The Dawning event. I'm one arm piece away from 400... God I love this game

    I'm looking to actually get around to playing through Shantae: Risky's Revenge and Shantae: Pirate's Curse before Half Genie Hero comes out next week. There might also be some 7th Dragon III Code: VFD as well.

    I've put down Dishonored 2 and gone back to Fallout 4.
    Really considering getting either Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse or Final Fantasy XV, but I don't know which. Either one would make a good weekend.

    Still working through Dues Ex : MD. Took a while but really starting to click now around mid way through. Improved remarkably once I switched to the Human Revolution control scheme.
    Looks gorgeous on the PS4 pro & a 4K screen BTW.

    Overwatch and maybe some Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

    Getting back into Project Diva X.

    If I were playing Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni I'd probably be up to about Drive 14.

    I'm still stuck in the Final Fantasy XV vortex, but it's my son's birthday party tomorrow so I probably won't get much time in this weekend. I will play as much as my tired body will allow...

    Plus, I'm seeing Rogue One on Sunday!

    I'm going to try and finish Final Fantasy (because, from past experience, if I leave it unfinished over my holiday, I'll never get around to doing so). Likely some Destiny, and maybe some Shenzhen I/O (kinda stuck on a puzzle driving a tri-color LED, but still really enjoying the puzzles). Probably going to save the rest of Pokemon for next week.

    just picked up don bradmans, will be playing a lot of that. heard the get best featue is broken though hope its fixed this weekend

    The same thing I do every weekend Pinky, take over the wor- uhhh, I mean play Overwatch...

    Maybe play some FFXV when I need a break from the takeover plann- uhh I mean Overwatch playing...


    Hmmm, Don Bradman Cricket actually looks pretty fun... I might pick it up!
    Well tonight FFXV, Tomorrow morning FFXV, midday - watching rogue one, gold class baby (thanks mrs ponyface!) evening - missus's work Christmas do, Sunday FFXV all day

    I would like to play Don Bradman Cricket 14 but both my DS3 controllers i use on my PC are dead or at least the batteries are dead in them so wireless doesn't work.

    SPACE HULK SPACE HULK SPACE HULK SPACE HULK. Maybe get around to finishing up the pre-last-boss grind in FFXIII.

    Grinding for christmas skins in overwatch. Maybe some titanfall. Finish Red Dead redemption again and start stick of truth.

    I play the game where I stare at all the games I have and become overwhelmed, and then I just watch youtube and play nothing.

    I'm gonna be making some strawberry mead, maybe play some more pokemon and check out the destiny update if I want to climb back into that whole thing.

    I have FFXV, Dishonoured 2 and Deus Ex MD.

    Probably FFXV. Or Rocket league with my 3 year old :)

    Final Fantasy 15, Let it Die, and Tomorrow Children.

    All three are surprisingly compelling.

    The Last Guardian, The Witness, PES 2017, Dirt Rally, BF1.

    Any or all of the above.

    Will be playing Blizzard Mountain in Forza Horizon 3. I'll open the window to simulate the cold effect. Who needs VR anyway?

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