Here's A Little More Footage From Super Mario Odyssey

Image: Nintendo

It's only the smallest teaser of gameplay, but it gives you a bit more insight into New Donk City - and you get to see Mario climb a street light.

A little more live footage of Mario Odyssey was shown off during a Japanese livestream on the weekend. There isn't a huge amount of new footage, but it's a good chance to see some of Mario's animations, the overall frame rate (60fps, it seems) and some of the moves Mario can do with his cap.

You'll have to skip to 3:33:13s for the footage. Keep an eye out for the way Mario uses his cap as a springboard - you can bet that move will come in handy later on.

Looks smooth so far. It'll be nice to see precisely how large New Donk City actually is, but we'll find out more about that later this year.


    Everything about this game looks wrong and out of place.

      It does look weird Mario being in a more real life location, but my guess is that New Donk City is just the hub world, like Peach's castle in Mario 64. The actual levels look amazing.

      Can't wait for this game.

    When I watched the teaser trailer on Super Mario Oddssey it was very weird seeing Mario using his cap as a boomerang even more surprising is when the eyes appear on Mario's hat to help Mario on his journey even seeing him exploring New Donk City going past people he doesn't know even bouncing off a taxi sounds a bit dangerous not to mention seeing Mario standing on a lamppost which is even more dangerous I mean Super Mario Oddssey is different to MARVEL'S spider man video games.
    But all in all I can't wait for Super Mario Odyssey when it comes out for the Switch very soon.

    There is also a live band at 33 minutes in or so playing Splatoon music, and at 47 minutes playing what my son says is Xenoblade and at 55 minutes it's Mario Kart music, then at 1.06 its a Splatoon 2 song, which is pretty cool.

    I can't wait to play this game, but it bothers me that Mario is shorter than the humans in new Donk City. And that they don't react at all when he does stuff like climb street lamps.

    Jumped in just a few minutes before the Odyssey footage and I was almost shocked to be reminded how great Mario Sunshine looks for a 15 year old game. Especially taking in account that the previous Mario game, 64 looks like crap nowadays. The Gamecube was definitely a very capable little machine, which would have been much more popular had it not have to compete against the best selling gaming console in history.

    Looks like fun. I think it's good to get a bit of a shake up on the standard Mario level themes.

    Also, 'New Donk City' ... lol.

    I don't get it? Isn't Mario supposed to be a plumber from the "real" world that was transported to the mushroom kingdom? Why does he look so out of place in the "real" world?

      Has that ever been canon in terms of what they say in the games/their manuals though, or is that just a story pieced together from other media?

    Why do the humans walking around new donk city (awful name) look so different to Mario? I thought Mario was a human?

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