Some Things I Noticed In Super Mario Odyssey

Some Things I Noticed In Super Mario Odyssey

I did not get to play Super Mario Odyssey at E3 2017. However, my colleagues did, and I got to study 20 minutes of delicious footage they captured. I spent too much time frame-by-frame studying the glorious dust cloud effects when Mario butt-stomps. I also noticed an overt “Glengarry Glen Ross” reference in the New Donk City travel brochure. Of course, it’s to the Alec Baldwin part. All of “Glengarry Glen Ross” is mind-bendingly quotable; why do people only ever quote the Alec Baldwin part? Oh well.

Some Things I Noticed In Super Mario Odyssey

In other frame-by-frame discoveries: Did you know Mario catches his hat and puts it back onto his head in one swift motion that lasts exactly six frames? That’s one tenth of a second. Seriously: Mario puts his hat on in less than one tenth of a second. I’ve been searching for 38 years and I can’t even find a hat that fits my head. Furthermore, his hand goes from slack by his waist to fully upright, ready to catch his hat, in the space of exactly one frame. That’s one sixtieth of a second. That completely blows away Usain Bolt’s reaction time.


  • Well watching Mario throws his cap and putting it back on his head would blow away Jamaica’s Usian Bolt even though he is nicknamed the lightning bolt of Jamaica in fact it almost made me want to fall out of my chair but still at least we all love our new cap friend Cappy because he’s here to help Mario on his adventure in order to stop Bowser hosting his evil wedding with Princess Peach.

    • I don’t understand what all your posts are about. You are not selling anything but I can’t see anything of value in the post either. But you put them everywhere. Hmmmm

    • I just fainted from lack of air after attempting to read that sentence.

      Punctuation dude……it’s not uncool to be educated.

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