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Our national holiday is fast approaching. A day of sasuages. Triple M on the radio. Backyard cricket. Companies doing stupid things to get attention. And (probably) an awful lot of drinking.

But what plans will you have for the upcoming public holiday?

I've been asking a few friends about what to do for this upcoming Australia Day, and nothing's formalised as of yet. It seems like a great day for chilling and board games - I don't live in the Southern Highlands anymore, and none of my friends really have a decent backyard we can take advantage of.

Bit of a shame, really. I've been keen for some backyard cricket, partially thanks to some excellent videos on YouTube by a bunch of mates who capture their backyard games with a bunch of GoPro cameras and some After Effects magic.

What will you be doing on Australia Day?


    Triple m? On hottest 100 day?!

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      the action or offence of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk.
      "Our national holiday is fast approaching. A day of sausages. Triple M on the radio."

      Triple M is the only station I listen to in the car. I'm sure the hottest 100 is acceptable if you are under 20 years of age.

    Going to a mate's place to laze about in his pool and enjoy a barbecue. Last year I went to a pop up bar on cockatoo island, which was ok.

    Sleep, drink, apologise for invading a country ... standard stuff

    Are we even allowed to celebrate Australia day anymore?

    All i do is sit at home and watch the cricket and knock back a few beers.

    how does everyone else feel about australia day being on the 26th and the controversy of it being a day of great sorrow for the indigenous community? do people believe the day should be shifted to another date to show some form of compassion and support? do people think its bollocks.
    i had a friend who was part aboriginal, and i know him and his family take it seriously in terms of it being on the 26th and tries to get awareness out about australias history on facebook on the day when eveyrone else is posting australia day pics. ive mainly supported his view because he was a friend, and im highly empathetic, but im not really sure where i stand on it all at the moment and what the best way forward should be.

      Worth noting, it hasn't always been marked on the 26th of January, and it's been a national public holiday for less than 25 years.

      I think we should mark a day as a national celebration- I think it's a good civic pride thing, which is good for a community. I don't think it needs to be on the 26th of January. That date has a negative connotation for a significant population, and changing it to another day wouldn't change the positives of the day but might mitigate some of the negatives.

        I agree, there's no reason the 26th couldn't become a day of remembrance. We have ANZAC Day and Remembrance day to remember Soldiers, what about a little time out to recognise all the Indigenous peoples that fell.

        We can have a BBQ on literally any other day.

          Ohhhh... I smell another public holiday!

          Mention that to get the masses supporting your cause!!!! :)

        yeah, i agree.
        i know when it has come up in the past. there was some really racist and also ignorant backlash when a proposed date change came up in the media. or people who just arent open minded enough about other peoples history.

        id like to see a different date come about and then something else that either honours or remembers the indigenous australians and their ancestors.

        there needs to be more standing together, more understanding and more working together to move forward.

        I think we should move it to January 1st and have 2 public holidays there instead of January 26th. We're celebrating the birth of Australia as a nation, why not have it on the anniversary of the proclamation of Australia's constitution?

      I say just make it the first Friday of every February.

      Everyone gets a long weekend (don't have to worry about work the next day either) and no more, or at least less offence to people hopefully.

        First Monday, but otherwise I agree.

          Yeah, I though about the first Monday, but then you have to go to work on Tuesday with a banging hangover ... if you celebrate Aus Day anything like I tend to anyway!

        As someone who's birthday would fall on this day every few years, I'm all for this idea! :)

      I'm taking Monday off and working Aus Day for the change the date campaign. I think making the change isn't a big deal if it means respecting the people that lived here before.

        thats awesome. i didnt even know there was a campaign going for it.

    Most likely lots of Beer, Cricket, and sausages, probably all at the same time.

    probably an Australian flag temporary tattoo as well.

    Usual day to day stuff while absolutely not celebrating Australia day.

    I plan to not engage in the politics of Australia day and enjoy my day off.

    Might get the BBQ going (hasn't been cleaned in two years!) and make lunch that way.

    The 26th is a Thursday so I don't intend to ditch work if there are tasks pending. Caveat of being self employed but hey, at least I can make my own hours as long as I get the work done and not be a dick about it.

    I don't see why we can't make 26/1 a day of remembrance. Australia Day should be a day celebrating national identity and could happen on any day... but, as we all know, it should be moved to the 8th of May, m8.

    This year I'll be en-route to Tassie to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday. Gonna miss the hottest 100, but given that I don't ever listen to Triple J I generally don't recognize more than 5 of the songs so it's not really a huge loss.

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    Just another day to me, just like all the other major holidays (easter, christmas, valentines etc). I'm on leave from now till the end of the month, so I'll be doing what I'm doing every other day, playing video games.

    Get the kiddie pool filled up
    Fire up the Weber
    Throw on some Vegemite and Cheese sauso's
    Flick on Triple J
    Crack some cans
    Tune in to the cricket
    Sleep through my alarm Friday and have a 4 day weekend with the kids.

      What on earth is a "Vegemite and Cheese sauso"?

        oh mate!!!! They sound terrible, but they are absolutely amazeballs!
        Once cooked up they are a delicious combination of salty/gooey and savoury (insert sex joke) and sell out at the local butcher in a heartbeat.
        Seriously, if you can get them locally, try a couple.

          I very much enjoy vegiemite and cheese [though mightymite, because I prefer an actual australian product]. But what exactly is a sauso? Is that a sausage? Or something covered in a lot of tomato sauce?

    Who listens to triple M on Aus day? Didn't know it was a thing. Even my non JJJ listening mates love the 100.

    It's Chinese New Year, too, and my wife is chinese so I'll be travelling to Melbourne to spend the weekend with them. Straya!

    "Companies doing stupid things to get attention." In the same paragraph you've randomly name dropped a commercial radio station that has absolutely no popular association to Australia Day when you could have name dropped a non-commercial radio station that holds an annual event that is very popularly associated with Australia Day?

    What's that all about Alex?

      Because the stereotypical Australian is a Triple M listening bogan that gets smashed on VB while wearing the Australian flag as a cape and hurling insults at anyone that's not white.

      I reckon he actually meant JJJ.

        Alex is a dude??

        Not that it matters, but i could've sworn this Alex was of the XX chromosomal make up.

    Girlfriend works in retail so she'll be working and I'll be at home playing video games. If it gets really hot I'll visit my sister's family coz they have a pool :D

    This year is 10 years since the missus had a brain tumor removed so we will be doing a celebration based around that. Booking a table at a bar that does board games, shipping off the Tiglet and enjoying ourselves.

    If it's dry and not too hot, I've got a fair bit of concreting that I need to do so I'll probably take care of that. If it's wet, I'll clean the house. Sort out some stuff to take to Vinnies, that sort of thing.

    who the fuck listens to the radio anymore now that we have mp3/4s and streaming

    Beer pong and BBQ on the Thursday, then got the weekend off so I can FINALLY start Witcher 3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

    Pretty sure the last time I played Twilight Princess was on Jan25 2007. So Australia Day might be the time to pick that up again and finally finish it. Or probably just start over, considering how little progress I'd made.

    Otherwise ain't got no plans.

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