Off Topic: What Are You Hoping To See From PAX Australia

I'm just about to head off on a gargantuan flight back from Boston to Australia. I've had a great time at PAX East and it's got me wondering how PAX Australia will compare — what the differences will be, how they'll make the event more 'Australia'. I thought I'd put it to you guys and girls — what would you like to see from PAX Australia?

Personally, I'd just like to see exposure to all the great local stories, the local developers doing interesting things. I'd like to see them under the global spotlight. It's a real chance for these people to go out there and tell interesting stories. Hopefully I'll be there to record at least some of it when it happens!

I'd also like to see the big publishers make an attempt to support the event — to show off cool, interesting new content from the big AAA titles. PAX, as I've discovered, is all about the weird and the wonderful, but it's also about the big hitters. Hopefully we'll see that represented at PAX Australia as well.

Anyway — over to you. What are hoping for?


    Tabletop stuff. I'm hoping to find some cool board gamey/RPG stuff to play around with

      I'm seriously hoping for a 40k tournament. So much wants.

        I'd think that's a pretty safe bet! I want D&D stuff

          That would be nice too.
          I do have the old DnD boardgame from 91.
          I can bring that along if you like?

          But that being said - the guys at PA are pretty fond of DnD, so there should definately be soem love for that there.

            Wizards of the Coast are sponsoring the tabletop area, so I'd put money on DND Next stuff being there.

            I have Castle Ravenloft, one of the more contemporary board games, tis good fun

              I also have The Warlock of Firetop Mountain - a game published by GW in 1982 that's actually by the GREAT Steve Jackson!
              So much awesome :D

    Colobus Monkeys and lots of 'em!

      More than would seem sanitary, safe or sane!

    I want to see panels from Giant Bomb and Cards Against Humanity!

      I'm not going, but given that they've been ignoring questions about it... I'd say your odd's aren't great.

        Or they are, and they can't announce it yet. I'm hoping this is the case...

    My tickets, I've been expecting them for over a month and they haven't been delivered yet.

      That's because, if you read properly when purchasing, tickets are being dispatched in June

        Also -HI EXPLODY!!!

          I should have probably read that..... oh well!

          I've been lurking loops, just lurking...

            At least i know you're still with us. This is a good thing.
            Did you buy the 3 day pass?

              Nope, they were all sold out by the time I got there. Could only get a Sunday ticket unfortunately

    I'd like to be pleasantly surprised at how alive the Australian games industry actually is. I know of about two major commercial developers and a handful of indie developers and that's about it. I'd also like to see a Quake Deathmatch between a kangaroo and emu to decide who will be the only animal on the Australian coat of arms.

    For PAX to be held in Sydney!

    ...and more guest appearances and autograph signing by popular game industry icons (like Pachter, Molydeux, etc. ) Also, have Conan O'Brien do impromptu game reviews in front of a live audience.

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      unfortunately on their FB page the PAX guys said that next year it will be at Melbourne again and maybe for the next few years. You might have to scour through the post though...
      So maybe you could plan ahead for that next year?

        Yeah, I guess there's not other way around it. Are there lots of game development studios in Melbourne? I though it was Brisbane that had a lot of them.

          I don't know really in terms of any studios, but I get what you mean because I haven't heard of that many Aussie developers based in Melbourne either. Hopefully we'll be pleasantly surprised! :)

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    A panel from studio ghibli talking about the experience of creating Ni No Kuni compared to their films, a panel on why stories in video games should always be the important from Ron Gilbert, Eric Wolpaw and Tim Schafer. Maybe a look into the mocap side of videogaming and what it takes to bring a character to life.

    Oh and hands on of the Occulus Rift headset

      a hands on experience with the Occulus Rift would be sweet! :)

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    PAX Australia? But we're huge! We wouldn't fit in a box!

    PAX/Packs, geddit?


      New at Ikea...

        And of course I lost the bloody allen key 5 minute into the process.

          You only have enough pieces to build 'Straya.

            They really should have put the dingo and the baby in separate boxes....

    I really want to see a presence from developers like Valve, Riot, and Double Fine. And the other developers who tend not to make it over here.

      not sure about double fine, but I do know it was announced on the PAX facebook page that Ron Gilbert would be delivering the keynote speech for PAX. Most likely on Day 1.

        Yep, story time with Ron Gilbert is the Friday night

        Oh, I know - I'm just hoping for both! Especially now that Ron isn't quite so affiliated with DF. A hands-on with Broken Age would be amazing.

          DF could come to PAX AUS because I think Tim Schafer attended the recent developers storytelling exhibition at the ACMI last year, so you never know......
          Though I've been watching their docos of the game since I backed their kickstarter, playing a demo of Broken Age in person would be amazing! love the art!

    I'd like to see lots of awesome looking projects looking for kickstarter backers.
    All the big things I'll see anyway, it's the stuff I might otherwise never hear of that I'd like to see.

    Related: I reckon Kotaku should have a regular column for indy games that you recommend.
    Like things people can buy immediately for < $10.

    Playable PS4s and New Xboxes! I think that's rather unlikely to happen though.

      It might. It'll be after E3 and by July you'd think they'd have to be talking launch details etc if it's releasing by November to make it in time for the US Thanksgiving sales.

    Looking forward to just getting to have the experience of going to a proper gaming convention for real. Bring on PAX AUS 2013! :D

    Well given that its highly likely that next gen consoles will be @ E3 in June, i'd want to see playable Next Gen titles and consoles @ PAX Melbourne.

    I'll be showing Lunar Flight in the Indie Pavilion with Oculus Rift support.

    The beautiful faces of you lot :3

    New Zelda would make me go nuts.

      *licks greenius' face*
      See you there... big boy...

      that is, if i don't end up selling my tickets lol

    A ticket would be good I guess I'll just check ebay in June I guess.

    fruit frucker figurines!
    and yeah, more oz developed video and board games :)

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    I'd love something big to be announced. Because then Americans will say "Man, I wish I was in Australia for that!" and know the pain of being on the other side of the world for the good stuff.

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    I hope there will be some kind of live stream, better than the PAX East one... They didn't show any tabletop and only a handful of panels!

    My hope is that Major Nelson, E and Laura make it down would be great to see the podcast filmed live :)

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