Sources: Eidos Working On Guardians Of The Galaxy Game, Future Of Deus Ex Murky

Sources: Eidos Working On Guardians Of The Galaxy Game, Future Of Deus Ex Murky

We may be waiting a long time for the next big Deus Ex game. The developers of the iconic franchise have moved on to other big franchises, according to sources speaking both to Kotaku and other outlets. Sources say Eidos Montreal has cancelled a planned sequel to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which came out last year.

Eidos Montreal, a Square Enix-owned Canadian studio best known for developing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the recently released Mankind Divided, is now working on two major games. One of those games is Shadow of the Tomb Raider, as we confirmed a few months ago after the name leaked on a train.

The other, sources say, is a game based on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. That will be the second entry in Square Enix’s new partnership with Marvel, which the two companies announced last Thursday. Eidos Montreal is also helping out on The Avengers, which is helmed by Crystal Dynamics.

From what we hear, Square Enix doesn’t plan to greenlight another Deus Ex game at Eidos Montreal for quite some time, unless Mankind Divided suddenly becomes more profitable. Mankind Divided was a large investment for the Japanese publisher, taking nearly five years to make.

The good folks at Eurogamer first reported this news yesterday, which we can confirm, since I’d heard much of the same from separate sources last week.

On Friday, publisher Square Enix sent me the following statement:

While we are still working on expanding the Deus Ex Universe, along with creating new content and updates for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, we’re also devoting our talents towards working with Crystal Dynamics and Marvel on The Avengers project.


  • Damn. That sucks but I can understand. I was playing Human Revolution yesterday and it was looking pretty old. So I booted up Mankind Divided and the difference was huge. But it wasn’t just the graphics.

    The writing of Human Revolution was better on every level. That’s what elevated the entire game. Mankind Divided feels so lightweight and in many cases, cringeworthy. God, some of those lines. From supposedly high up military types. They just don’t talk that way. And that ending. I’ve played every Deus Ex game and I loved 1 & 3, but I would seriously hesitate before buying into another one. Mankind Divided was so underwhelming. No cognizant story. No overriding arc. Just a series of episodes of… Stuff to do. It was a poor effort. You have to wonder what the project leads were thinking.

  • If they leave Mankind Divided’s story half done that would suck quite a lot, especially when you consider how obviously split down the middle that game feels.

    • Yep. Especially if you bought the season pass like me.

      You’d think I’d’ve learnt. No pre-orders. But after HR I thought this would be a sure thing. That first conversation in the helicopter at the start of the game had me doubting in record time. God that writing is just abysmal. And the voice acting!

  • Square Enix is such a weird company.

    Something like Final Fantasy 15 gets ten years of dev time… and Deus Ex is lambasted for 5.
    They set these incredible sales goals for Tomb Raider…
    They take Crystal Dynamics, who’ve now made 2 well liked Tomb Raider games, and put them on a new IP… whilst taking Eidos Montreal and putting them on a new Tomb Raider game.

    It’s just strikes me as bizarre… and that they treat their western arm as this kind of bastard child.

  • I hope someone does the annihilation nova/guardians of the galaxy arc. That would be excellent as a video game story

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