Surgeon Simulator Devs Announce Ridiculous New Skateboarding Game

Bossa Studios, creators of Surgeon Simulator and I am Bread, announced their new game today, the competitive multiplayer skateboarding game Decksplash.

"X meets Y," descriptions are kinda passé, but really, this looks like Tony Hawk meets Splatoon. Decksplash is centered on 3v3 multiplayer battles where you paint the turf the colour of your team using skateboard tricks. The game also features the off kilter humour of Bossa Studios, and it will also be interesting to see them deliver controls that actually work, instead of controls that deliberately drive you up a wall.

You can sign up to playtest Decksplash here, and it is slated to come to Early Access on Steam this Spring.


    I'm reminded of some old comic or anime/animation or something that used that name as a insult but replace the 'E' in Deck with an 'I'.

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