EB Games Is Giving People A Pickup Deadline For The Nintendo Switch

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If you don't get your Nintendo Switch pre-order from EB Games on the launch weekend, you won't be able to get it until the second shipment arrives in April.

As reported by Vooks, EB Games has started calling all customers who pre-ordered a Switch. They're supposedly being asked to confirm if they will definitely be able to pick up their console by March 5 - and if they're not, they won't be able to pick up their Switch until April when the second shipment is due.

If you are able to pick up your pre-ordered Switch before the due time, customers are supposedly being asked to confirm when. The idea is supposedly to make sure that customers who walk in-store can get a Switch over the launch period.

We've reached out to EB Games to confirm specifics, but had not heard back at the time of writing.

Update [1:23 PM]: EB Games has provided a statement to Kotaku Australia:

We are as excited as our customers about the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Switch.

We’re giving preorder customers the choice to pick up their new Switch when they want it. If opening weekend is not convenient they can choose a collection date that suits them by contacting their local store. This includes, but is not limited to, moving to the second shipment.

We strongly encourage customers who are interested in the Switch to preorder instore or online, as demand will likely outstrip supply. As of writing, EB Games guarantees all existing preorders on the Nintendo Switch.


    Is this for people who ordered online and opted to pick up in store? I ordered mine months ago and I've yet to hear anything from EB about the preorder. My account is still listing the placeholder price and I've sent them a few emails asking about and I've heard nothing back.

      Mine updated a few days ago from the placeholder to rrp.

      I ordered online months ago, and was getting worried myself. I was a little disappointed however how I was automatically put onto he grey edition, without being asked which one I wanted.

        I asked about the Joy Con colours, and they said they could swap you for the colours if you wanted.

        I just checked my account and still no change. Just sent EB yet another email about it.

      I ordered online months ago and still have the placeholder price listed (also haven't heard anything yet about collecting it) but asked about that at the store I selected for pickup and they said on their system it has the official price listed (for the remaining amount to pay calculation), just hasn't updated online yet for some reason.

      Edit: Also as far as communication goes, I've found their twitter to be great for getting help, just send a PM on there or something - if your order was made online to pickup instore though, they'll probably just tell you to go into the store you selected.

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    I'm just waiting for confirmation of a midnight launch party so I can rock in with my crusty old Gameboy playing Links Awakening like the filthy old attention whore I am.

      LOL!!!!! Just as I hit submit the store called and asked me to confirm my pickup. Gold.

      Midnight launch confirmed too. Beige-Boy armed and ready!

        Where are they doing a midnight launch? I couldn't find any info so assumed that part of my life was over.

    Good call. It's quite clear that EB is worried about the amount of consoles that Nintendo might ship

      I think at this point, they'd know exactly how many will be shipped, if they haven't already received them

      We all know that Nintendo short-ships to create artificially inflated demand. It's sad that people fall for it each time.

    I just got my call about half an hour ago, so I can confirm this. Luckily I'm just across the road from my EB so it won't be hard.

    They did the same thing with PSVR by the way.

    I'm planning on hitting BigW when they open as they will probably offer it cheaper and I can get an additional 10% off which will save me about $60. I still have an EB pre order just in case but will release that when picking up Zelda from there if I can't get one from BigW.

      I had been planning the same thing but now all the other stores have pre-orders up for the same price... Makes me think Nintendo isn't giving them any wiggle room at all.
      Hopefully games will at least be cheaper at Big W/Target though even if the console isn't.

        Find a mate who works at Big W, WW or one of the other companies, he will have a 5% off staff card. Also a lot of places will sell you the gift cards at 5% off face value which is very nearly 10% off.

        You usually only see special prices in the week before launch for previous consoles, usually collated on this site.

    Literally just got off the phone with them:
    EB : 'Do you want yours at launch or 2nd shipment?'
    Me : 'Uhhh launch of course, preordered it the moment they were available, and have paid for it in full.'
    EB : 'Ohhhh yeah... I can see that... it's just.... we don't have exact numbers on how many we're getting, so we're just letting you know there might be issues.'
    Me: 'Again - preordered it the moment they were available, and have paid for it in full.'
    EB : 'Ohhh yeah, you should be fine then. I'm pretty sure.'

    Lost count of how many times they used to pull this shit on me and friends years ago, thought they'd knocked this off. They used to call up and tell people the CE of the game they ordered was sold out or some BS, then we'd find some guy from the store had picked up 5 copies - or someone friendly with the store.

    They did it with Burning Crusade when it came out - called me and friends days before launch, who'd ordered 6-12 months in advance, and told them they couldn't get their CE. Midnight launch, 5 minutes to 12 - dude who ran the local LAN cafe arrives, jumps the queue, and walks out with 6 Burning Crusade CEs and a giant grin on his face.

    EDIT: So the girl on the phone didn't say anything about a pickup deadline, she just asked if I wanted first or second shipment. Odd. Dodgy if she's just ringing people up and neglecting to mention the pickup deadline.

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      EB have a standard pre-order policy, where depending on your level of EB membership, your item will be held for a certain number of days. I'd be surprised if they are going to renege on that, because the Fair Trading outfits would be all over them. I think it is more likely that they are going to enforce the policy strictly, but will also contact all pre-orderers to see if they can get any more launch stock by convincing them to move to second shipment.

      have you told this story here before?
      maybe last time eb was getting slammed?

      I just have... this... sense... of...

    I haven't received a call yet :/ I'm hoping it's due to my local store knowing how much of a Zelda fan I am so assume I'll be there, and I will be.

    Was just instore putting money down, wasn't told about having to pick it up by certain date, but they did tell someone else that when they were ordering after me in line.

    Also they've said that any orders after this weekend will go into second shipment.

      Pretty sure their normal policy is to hold pre orders for 48 hours.

        Preorder hold guarantee
        Level 1-2 days
        Level 2-4 days
        Level 3-6 days
        Level 4-2 weeks

        Yeah you're right, I forgot about that since I'm level 4.

    Weird how they are stopping pre orders so they can have stock for walks at launch. Must be trying to save face from the psvr/new mini debarcle.

    In the end it's nintendos fault for limited quantities, but you'd think eb would rather guaranteed money in advance rather then hoping they sell the reserve at launch

    That's ok. I wont be picking one up until a Pokemon game comes out for it. I hope a Pokemon game comes out for it... but I wont be holding my breath.

      The Pokemon Company said games were coming for it. Or rather they would make them, way back when it was called NX still. So nothing concrete yet.

        Unless its a full pokemon game like the RPG on handhelds im not interested. No snap/Colosseum bs.

          Yeah, that's what I am wanting too. I would go for Snap though, not Colosseum.

    At first I thought this was pretty shoddy, as I'm in Perth and would order from Perth, but will be in Melbourne and Sydney over the launch weekend, not returning til the Tuesday. I'd hope I'd still be able to collect my pre-ordered machine on the Tuesday or Wednesday. As long as you can nominate a collection date within a week or so after launch day I think that would be much fairer than "nope you get yours in second shipment then".

      If your at a certain level on your EB card you actually get an extra week grace period I think.

        I'm level 4 so should have two weeks and was told I'd have two days when I was called today. I get the impression they aren't following the preorder pickup period this time.

          Yeah that's a bit fucked then. Whats the point of being a returning loyal customer if you don't get to claim the rewards. Anyway they probably have a good reason right.

            It certainly is odd. They're still taking preorders for March I believe so I don't think this will be like the NES Mini where people can feel particularly burnt. The preorders have been open since forever.

    If a new Monster Hunter comes out on this machine it will be an auto purchase but until then I will wait for the 5th shipment or so when they realize the price they are asking is a little steep.

      Considering the buzz for it I don't think they are going to drop the price anytime soon unless it's 3DS levels of disaster. Heck, even the Wii U didn't get a big price drop.

        Yeah true well like I said unless Monster Hunter reaches this platform I will give it a miss.

    Hey Guys,

    I am definitely getting a Switch within the first week, but haven't preordered. I am a bit concerned now because it seems EB may have sold out online. I am hoping to buy the system in my local store, so I'm wondering if they will have some stock not available for preorder that will be available to stores only. If they do, should I expect it to be quite limited?

      Big W are taking pre orders for a few more days. JB HiFi or Kmart will possibly have them but unsure about pre orders. Big W require a $50 deposit, might be worth doing that?

    I pre-ordered as soon as they opened the flood gates but thought it'd double check the status after reading this article, no mention of the pre-order at all on my EB account though I have the confirmation email.

    I called my local EB to ask what the deal was, they said it happens and confirmed my order is still good, then said, oh btw, do you want to wait until the second shipment. yeaahhhhh.

    Last edited 02/02/17 3:48 pm

    I would have to think about it before preordering the Nintendo Switch for launch day along with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild and 1-2 Switch but on second thought if I was going to preorder the Nintendo Switch I would probably do that at Target just pay a $50 deposit just to get my preorder secured.

    I'll be working on launch so my console will be delivered straight to work. Not terribly concerned on supply or if I would get a call at all.

    Just got the call. Some seriously sneaky language used.

    "I notice you've pre-ordered the Switch! And just wanted to check whether you'll be picking it up on the launch weekend or waiting till the second shipment?"

    This is why I never shop at EB. I only pre-ordered with them because JB Hi-FI only offered delivery.

    Nintendo, a s#1t distributor and a F4ckhead toymaker
    and EBgames cashing in on the hype, Ditch the Switch

    Get a hold of your senses, you reward Nintendo for their terrible practices before they've even proven they "learned their lesson" you're just going to get burned, again.

    Should I be worried about my preorder? I don't have a phone number linked to my EB account. Though I do plan to go to the store to pick up on 3 Mar

      Just call them yourself. I did and they put me down for the first shipment.

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