GOG Boosts Retro Catalogue With Classic Citybuilders Caesar, Caesar 2 And Emperor

Image: GOG

Despite their age, it's amazing how well the old citybuilders hold up. Even if you can't bring yourself to delve into the, uh, 2D-ness of the very old titles, there's always Caesar 4. However, if you love isometric sprite-life of Impressions' early games, then GOG has a nice surprise for you.

GOG already had a healthy selection of class citybuilders, including Pharaoh, Zeus and Caesar 3, but if these failed to be retro enough for your tastes, its hard to go further back in time than the original Caesar.

Understandably, Caesar may be a little too dusty, in which case the second game would be the tastier treat. Of course, when it comes to the cream of the crop there's always Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, arguably Impressions' finest effort in the genre it helped create.

All three titles are $7.99 and you can grab a bundle including several other titles from Impressions Games for $46.

Caesar [GOG, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]





    As a child with a poor understanding of how the game worked but enjoyed playing nonetheless, this is pretty much my primary memory with Caesar1/2 :/

    Last edited 12/02/17 1:15 pm

      My brother and I were so enthralled with that catchcry that we regularly were heard yelling it at school. Eventually the teachers had to get mum in and ask what the hell it was all about. Needless to say she had no idea.

    Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom was my favourite of the lot, sunk so many hours in it.

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