Junglist Set To Star In New Gaming Show

Junglist Set To Star In New Gaming Show

With Good Game being cancelled, and 7 reportedly in the process of launching a new show, it’s all change when it comes to gaming led video content in Australia.

Now Jeremy ‘Junglist’ Ray, co-creator of Good Game (and frequent Kotaku contributor) is helping launch a brand new gaming show in Australia.

It’s called Under Control, and it has a really unique pitch. It’s viewable online via SNACKABLETV.TV , but is also broadcasting on the CATCH app, which streams content on Sydney buses.

There’s already a bunch of content on the site. It’s well produced, snappy and pretty funny in parts. Well worth watching, especially to watch Junglist get scrubbed up. Dude needed a shave.


  • Excellent, maybe now all the still-salty-after-seven-years “Hex is a backstabbing bitch” crowd will STFU.

    On topic though, I’ll definitely check it out. I like Junglist and what’s online already looks really good.

    • Just watched a couple of the vids. Seems ok, but what’s with female video game hosts and noserings?! Is it part of the selection criteria or something? 😉

    • But ironically Hex was the catalyst for the end of Good Game. So in a way they were right, just got the timing wrong.

      • Sure, if you ignore the fact that it happened seven years later and that the ABC chose to cancel the show after both Hex and Nich left.

        But yeah, apart from that it totally justifies the seven years of vitriol.

        • Also they probably were just looking for a reason to cancel the show, Hex and Nich was just an convenient excuse

          • Pretty much. I wouldn’t be surprised if cancelling GG was on the cards for some time.

            But that’s alright, we’ll just continue to blame that witch Hex. 😉

        • Hence “the timing wrong” comment…

          Plus Nich was an easy replacement who’d been around what 2 years max?

          • “Timing wrong” still implies the rest of the message stands. “They were right, they just got the timing wrong”.

            It’s not Hex’s fault GG was cancelled, certainly not in any deliberate or calculated way.

            Saying they’re right is only correct with the most literal reading of “it’s Hex’s fault.”

          • “Fault” no but “catalyst” yes.

            Hex chose to leave which, as you have agreed, gave the opportunity to cancel the show, hence ending Good Game.

            Nich leaving was minor, if he left and Hex stayed it would have played out differently. If Hex left and Nich stayed it’s good odds we’d be at this point as well.

          • It’s semantics. Either way, it doesn’t justify people should getting aggressive about it and posting comments on social media, etc placing all the blame squarely on Hex. It’s just a repeat of the same shit from when Junglist left.

            2badsosad she left for another job, she’s not the evil witch that destroyed GG. If I had the opportunity to move to a new employer where I could continue doing similar work at a (likely) higher pay and more opportunity for career advancement then I’d take it too.

            I truly would not be surprised if cancelling the show was on the cards anyway. Hex leaving was a convenient opportunity.

      • go back to your basement mate.
        Sure your mum is getting dinner ready.

        FFS. What is it with you whiny pricks. The dude was a loser, still is.
        Even the current consensus is that his show is only just ‘ok’

  • Am i the only one that thought he had less charisma than a wet sock?
    He used to make me cringe on good game.
    The one reason i wouldnt watch it was because his delivery was just… cringeworthy.

    Still to this day…

    I’ll pass on this one. He’s not meant for TV.

    • The only thing that bugged me about him, was the way he pronounced “Baj” … sounded like he was saying “Vaj” so I forever thought he was calling him a Vaginey 😉

      • Glad to see.
        I know the dude writes for gizmodo/kotaku on occasion – and even the articles are just meh.
        He has a face for radio and a personality for a call centre.

        I think a lot of the disdain for hex was not for her delivery or presence, but the fact there are still a lot of basement dwellers that believe girls shouldn’t be in this position.

        (i could be wrong, but its my opinion)
        She saved the show i think, imagine having to sit and watch that dude be that dude for the past 7 years.

        Go watch an old episode and see how very bad it was… 3 seasons in.

        I don’t personally think this effort will go far, unless they replace him with someone easier to watch and with more personality

        • Yeah. I’d just about given up on the show but the change made the difference. It’s about presentation style … and I’m afraid he had none.

          As I understand it Hex was originally slated for Spawn Point. It was only because of a dispute in the direction of the show and a falling out between the producers and Junglist that she was brought in to fill the gap. Hex got a bad rap from some of the fans, but it wasn’t a “Junglist was replaced by Hex because she’s a chick”. It was a case of “Hex stepped in because Junglist left/was sacked (?don’t know which?) over an unrelated dispute and they needed a second presenter”. That’s my understanding of how it went down anyway.

    • I think Bajo and Junglist complemented each other quite well in the early seasons: one was aloof and looking for a superficial good time from a game, while the other seemed more interested in the technical aspects of a game. So the two reviews for a game would focus on different things and complement each other.

      When Hex took over, it often felt like you just had two Bajo-type personalities reviewing the game. That changed as Hex grew into the role, but it was a valid concern early on.

    • Yeah. Junglist delivery is just so flat. When he left GG I briefly watched his next show (3″ Floppy?) and it was just bad. This is equally bad, and boring.

      Sure this show has reviews but that’s not why I watched GG, I watched it to be entertained by the hosts shenanigans

      • Everyone was saying what a smashing fellow you are, and how much they look forward to your new show.

      • Hey @junglist,

        Logging in after about four years to say grats and looking forward to it. Screw these guys!

        Also: hey Strange! Hey Mark!

  • Watched a few shorts and the first episode. Can’t say it’s something I’d watch with any kind of regularity; doesn’t look bad but the format isn’t for me.

    it has a really unique pitch Is the unique part that the show is viewable on a website? Did I miss something?

  • Oh yay ! There’s a new gaming show. Oh … wait … it stars Junglist. Hmm yeah pass … I think I’ll just wait for Hex and Nichboy’s new show on Seven thanks. I don’t normally watch FTA commercial TV anymore but I’m willing to make an exception 🙂 Just like I’m willing to make an exception and where I normally love consuming my media online, I won’t be watching Jeremy’s show.

  • Also – given the timing I’m curious – did this idea come from Junglist himself trying to capiltalise on the inevitable blip of publicity he was going to enjoy with GG’s demise ? Or did the idea come from one of his diehard fanboys who still couldn’t let shit go after seven years ?

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