Bioware May Have Quietly Confirmed Quarians For Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware May Have Quietly Confirmed Quarians For Mass Effect Andromeda

A new trailer released yesterday showcased the so-called Golden Worlds of the Andromeda galaxy — the planets that have the highest chance of being habitable. But one small line may have just revealed if quarians are actually making an appearance in Andromeda.

The video, in case you missed it, goes through descriptions of seven potentially life-sustaining worlds, though one in particular should be of interest: Habitat 5. The voiceover says:

“For our turian and quarian colonists, Habitat 5 appears to be a perfect home for dextro-protein life.”

So… quarians confirmed? It’s the first mention we’ve had of the race that most notably gave us Tali in the trilogy. Of course this one mention doesn’t mean that the quarians will actually appear in a large role in the game, or at all, but it’s a pretty promising sign.


  • Hope so. Quarians are my favorite space russians/eastern europeans.
    Maybe they’ll just as quietly retcon that lazy photoshop that was better off not being in there at all in ME3.

  • Nah, that just confirms that they were aboard the Turian Arc, I think it’s too early to call that confirmation that they’ll actually be in game given that all the arcs are missing / separated at the beginning of Andromeda.

    That said though I’m really hoping they’re in it being my equal favourite race/ culture along side the Krogan.

  • I thought the game would have all the previous races and a few more, so I’d actually be much more suprised if Quarians weren’t included.

  • The main thing that actually concerned me when I watched this video… was that these seven planets are going to be All There Is. Hopefully there’s some alien space stations and other places to visit; it only dawned on me in this one that we’re only visiting the one galaxy. Because of the lack of mass relays, like they say in the video. I know they’ve said there’s “hundreds” of planets you can look at and dock outside of, but I get the feeling all the story and exploration takes place on these seven.

    • I’m pretty sure there’s more! There’s also the Nexus, which is kind of like the Citadel, and you might be able to visit the various Arks and such as well.

    • It’s my understanding that the loyalty missions will be taking place on unique planets (or at least the Pee-Bee one seems to). Add to that the IGN preview would seem to indicate that these planets are rather massive gameplay areas.

    • I do not see it being practical to have more than the 7 being fully explorable to the detail and scope they have described in the trailers and videos, but those 7 will be pretty damn huge. Having literally hundreds of planets to explore in full detail like the 7 would be impossible without a procedural generation engine or a game size significantly greater than is practical. However, it is not impossible that we can visit hundreds of worlds for orbital exploration purposes, or that various missions will take us to specific “Mass Effect 2”-like locations on those planets.

    • You only visited one galaxy in all the previous ones, though?
      Unless you meant solar system, but yeah from what I gather they’ll have similar exploration to ME3 but with more overall area and more landable planets.

      • Yeah! the Andromeda Galaxy is roughly the same idea as the Milky Way, but ME:A only takes place in the Heleus Cluster. Probably intended to both increase the “unknown” factor, and leave a LOT of room open for DLC and sequels. We DO have at least two more games to go, after all.

  • Another thing the latest andromedia initative video linked, or one of the ones before, was the Geth were actively looking (scanning) the andromeda galaxy.

    Wouldn’t surprise me to find Geth 🙂

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