Civilization 6's Australian Music Is Mostly Waltzing Matilda On Repeat

It's probably more fitting for a video game than I Am Australian or the national anthem, to be fair.

If you haven't caught up with the inclusion of John Curtin and Canberra in Civilization recently, they're pretty damn good. People are fairly annoyed that the DLC has only been released for PC (leaving Mac and Linux users in the cold), but as a race the Aussies have some pretty solid bonuses.

Australia's Coming To Civilization 6

There's digger corps, the capital is Canberra and our leader is John Curtin.

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But what's not advertised on the DLC pack is that the Aussies come with Waltzing Matilda. Lots of it, in fact. Music Central has uploaded all of the themes from Civ 6's DLC, and it's almost 13 minutes of Waltzing Maltida remixes.

Besides Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2, which is due out later this year, this might be the most Aussie thing we see in a video game all year. Besides Australia itself, of course.

Update: Almost all of the songs are Waltzing Matilda, but as some pointed out there's a rendition of "Click Go The Shears" as well, which you can hear separately below thanks to @kangatang. I've updated the headline and the article to reflect this; sorry everyone.


    We all know it really should've been "You're the voice"

      You spelt "The Horses" wrong

        You Spelt "Working Class Man" wrong

          You spelt "Great Southern Land" wrong.

            Good tries everybody but you got a few letters wrong. It actually is D-O-W-N U-N-D-E-R.

              At first I was confused as to why everyone was getting this so wrong, but then I realized that Khe Sanh doesn't turn up in autocorrect.

    I quite like "Australia - Yeah C**t" as a choice, but that might offend anyone who's not an Aussie

      I'd buy that DLC for Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, though

    Was a bit upset when i originally learnt it was Curtin as leader and not Wolverine.

      leader should of really been Harold Holt

        Thinking of that guy on the last article who made a joke about disappearing into water tiles. Can't stop laughing again.

    Had to mute the music, was driving me balmy.

    The basic foot troop should be a budgie smuggling, thong wearing dudes and women in tacky one piece aussie swimsuits with a sausage in a piece of bread in one hand and a shattered VB, Carlton Cold or XXXX bottle in the other (labels mixed up to give variance to the settlement of course). They should run around screaming "STRAYA! STRAYA C*NT!" as they run in and fight other troops.

    Your first vehicular unit should be a 1967 Ford Falcon XR GT "Shaggin' wagon", it should roar into battle, when it stops, out the back should spring 30+ young men and women, all decked out in denim, Aussie rock blaring, your choice of AC/DC / ROSE TATTOO or THE ANGELS (ONLY ever "Am I ever gonna see your face again") blaring (Bon Scott of course!) they're all carrying cricket bats, running into battle ahead of the wagon... all of them replete with the "Poida Mullet" of course!

    Last edited 06/03/17 5:24 pm

      The female foot troop should look like Michelle from "Michelle and Ferret" and have the head-butt as the attack.

    Play some Shannon Noll ya cunts

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