Tell Us Dammit: How Are You Using Your Switch?

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And by 'how' I mean 'where' and 'when'?

Personally I'm loving the Switch. Mainly because it's a Zelda machine and I like Zelda very much. Like Kirk Hamilton, I'm finding it difficult to separate my enjoyment of the Switch from my love of Zelda, but the ability to take this thing wherever I go is a genuine life enhancer.

I estimate I've spent only 10% of my time with the Switch using a TV.

This thing is basically a high-end handheld for me. I play it on the bus, I play it on the train. I play it in the office, I play it on the couch while my wife binge watches Downton Abbey. Am I worried about the lack of games? Kinda but not really. I buy Nintendo consoles in the full knowledge that I'll play first party titles almost exclusively. I have a PS4, I have an Xbox One. I'll play the other games on those consoles — I'll play Splatoon, Mario Odyssey and whatever else Nintendo creates on the Switch.


    the toliet, my wife hates it

      For her own health, she will need to learn not to hate the toilet.

    I pretend my Wii U gamepad is a switch.

      I pretend my Vita is a sexier version of the Switch with more games on it :-P

        Zelda tho :P

          I know, but I just played Steins;Gate and it gave me all of the feels and an uncontrollable urge to buy a Makise Kurisu figurine. El Psy Kongroo.

            Legitimately the only reason I've touched my vita in a loooooong time.

            Okabe in black...just...*feels*

        But it isn't sexier.. Unless that's the pretending you're doing. Also the games library on the vita isn't something I'd be bragging about... My vita hasn't seen the light of day in ages. Plus the analogues on the vita are tiny as f compared to the joy cons

          For me the Vita is a glorified Metal Gear solid machine. I have MGS1, 2 and 3 on there. that's about all i've played.

          Zelda continues to eat up all my free time. I'd taken to procrastinating on reddit a lot when i was bored but now any spare moment is exploring the massive map of Hyrule. Seriously BotW is game of the year for sure. calling it early.

          It's only not sexier if you don't have good taste... ;-)

          And the games library? On the Playstation Store right now there are 898 games (including around 278 PSP/PS1 games) you can buy for PS Vita. That's not including games that are available in the US or JPN stores or games that you can get physically but no longer buy on the Store. So yeah, I would brag about the Vita's games library :-)

          I agree with you about the Vita analogue sticks though.

            I would argue how many of those 898 games are actually worth playing though? Look at how many games are available on steam... It doesn't mean they are ALL worthy of anyone's time and money.

            Give me a handful of quality made games over quantity any day.

              Well, I have 196 of those 898 and I would say that 90%+ of the ones I have, I like.

              Now if you only count AAA action shooters or AAA rpgs as 'worth playing', Vita's library will be lacking. If you hate indies, Vita's library will be lacking. If you hate Japanese VNs and JRPGs, Vita's library will be lacking.

              Otherwise, Vita has a pretty damn good library.

                When virtual console comes to the Switch and the indies start rolling out then I think it will have Vita's number

                Last edited 10/03/17 2:51 pm

                  Eh, depends on taste. The Vita can play PS1 games so has a reasonable back catalogue of JRPGs and other classics.

      Close enough; just cut the sides off and it looks like one, :-P

    Everywhere at home and for a few hours on a flight to US so far.

    I use the Switch mostly as a traditional console, playing it on the TV.

    I occasionally use the Switch as a handheld. Maybe my partner wants to watch something on TV, or is studying and I don't want to distract her.

    Picked up an 8m HDMI, so I have it on my bedside table in the bedroom, running to the tv in there. When the missus wants to watch her shows, can just pop it out and keep going. Other than that, been taking it to work each day, the 45min each way commute just got a whole lot better.

      wow, totally doing this

    I've spent most of my time on the TV, but like my Wii U gamepad I take it around with me. Although I will say the transition isn't as smooth. Maybe once I get a Pro Controller that will change.

      Yeah, I got the pro controller just for that transition. It's awesome!

    Mostly hooked up to the TV, but I like that I can take it with me when I want to. I've played it sitting in a café on my lunch break, and while stuck in bed with a migraine. I'm planning on taking my Switch with me on a trip away next month.

    I've been playing it on the commute to/from work on the train, at lunch, when I get home after dinner. I can't put it down! (only been playing Zelda)

    Only time I put it into TV mode is when the battery is low and I'm playing at home, otherwise I'm reclined on the couch, being very comfy with it up to my face.

    Although not using it in TV mode is more because of the performance hit it takes in Zelda.

      same - tv mode is just the "uh oh battery is low but i must get to the next shrine" mode.

    I've spent most of my time playing it on TV mode, only taking it out to play in my bed at night, and when i'm uh... dropping the kids off at the pool.

    Unfortunately my train ride into work is only 5 minutes, so i can't fit in any time to play on the commute as i would like to.

    I'm really waiting for a Monster Hunter game, that's when its portability will shine, being able to play it on my TV then take it with me to a friends house to do some local hunts is a dream come true.

      Unfortunately my train ride into work is only 5 minutes, so i can't fit in any time to play on the commute as i would like to.

      What if you were to 'accidentally' get the train in the wrong direction for a few stops...?

    It's about 50/50 between docked and handheld. Obviously handheld on the train, but at home it depends on what room I'm in. I like that I have the option to play it how I please.

    Tell me, when you take it out and about on the bus or train, do you get a lot of gawkers?

      I've had a couple kids looking over my shoulder but otherwise nope.

      Not that I've noticed. I think I just blend in with everyone else using tablets and phones.

      No, over here they're taken by the allure.

    Haven't ventured out in public with it yet till I get a case for it, but basically since Friday every waking moment I'm not at work, gym or eating, I'm playing Zelda on the TV

    About 50/50.

    What is a good storage/transport option for the Switch? I'll be carting it places but I want it protected.

    Also, as someone who hates how tied I am to my phone right before I go to sleep and immediately after I wake, I don't think I want to play the thing in bed.

    Almost exclusively in portable/handheld mode. Mostly gets used before bed or on the couch.

    Although I tried something different again last night because playing it in bed was getting annoying/uncomfortable. Propped it up on it's side, joycons attached, and just used the Pro controller whilst lying on my side. Still amazes me how many ways this thing can be used.

      I was doing the same, playing purely in potable mode. Finally got around to hooking up the dock to my TV.

      Yep........that transition is completely wonderful. What an age we're living in.

    It was out of the dock when I set it up. That's all.

    My switch just sits getting dust, ZELDA sucks, the thrill off 1-2 switch has gone!

    I'm using it 50/50 at the moment.

    I do enjoy laying on the couch with the Switch in handheld mode while the TV is droning on in the background.

    I've spent about 95% of my time playing the Switch on the television.

    Using mine as a test of self control. I have the money here, but decided against buying until either a decent price drop or a hardware revision.

    I know it's enough for some, but 3 hours charge isn't enough for me.

      I'm in the same boat. There will be a new version with better battery etc soon enough for sure.

      Dude.......having a 3ds, Vita, ipad and a new iphone....I can tell you that the Switch battery life is just as good as either of those other devices. It's a complete non-issue if you've ever gamed on the go on anything.

        Perhaps your travel time is significantly different to mine.

        I own & still use my 3DS & Vita & I can assure you, FOR ME, 3 hours doesn't cut it.

          except the 3DS and Vita aren't pushing out games of this quality.....not even close. Only gimped versions of real games. This is real full games.

            So I should be ok with the battery running out?

            Nah, I'll wait for a hardware revision. I'm on a budget, can't afford things that don't meet my requirements.

          You have a longer than three hour commute?

          I envy anyone that can find time for a single three hour gaming session.

          Powerbanks solve the problem anyway.

            No, total commute is just over 2 hours. I just don't need to be having to cart around a charger or powerbank every where I go .

            Convenience goes out the window.

      It's Nintendo ... you probably won't ever see a price drop

        On a console? Since when? Have you already forgotten the free games they gave out after dropping the 3DS price so quickly?

        There's always a price drop. Always.

        Nintendo first party games? No, I fully expect Zelda to be the same price 5 years from now.

    I've been on a big fitness push lately, and my secret had been downloading Netflix shows to my phone and watching them on the treadmill.

    That's been replaced with Treadmill Zelda.

    The Switch works brilliantly in handheld mode while walking at a medium-fast pace. You wouldn't use it running, but that also mucks up your knees so I wouldn't anyway. I've climbed towers, solved shrines, unlocked dungeons and even learned how to fight Guardians while walking 5-6km per evening. Lost a kilo over the weekend, so it's paying off.

    Mine's been sitting in the dock apart from a short time when my sister and her boyfriend came over the other night, so I brought it out to show them and we played some Bomberman and 1-2 Switch.

    Other than that it's remained untouched.

    Spent about 80% on tv and 20% handheld. Works fine on Tv, still looks good. I drive to work so no commute time for me.

    Love the versatility of it and can't wait to see what they bring to it.

    I got a carry case for it, rode the motorbike into the hills of Marysville in Victoria and played it tabletop style at a cafe over breakfast and coffee. It's everything I could have hoped for and more.

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