Lost Development Footage From Silent Hill 2's Most Emotional Scene, Recovered 18 Years Later

Here's a blast from the past — behind-the-scenes motion capture footage for Silent Hill 2 from almost 20 years ago. It focuses on the perhaps the most critical revelation in the game's narrative, so consider this your one and only spoiler warning! For everyone else, enjoy this rare peek behind the curtain.

We can thank actor Guy Cihi for the video, who voiced (and did mo-cap for) protagonist James Sunderland. The start of the clip shows the aforementioned pivotal scene, with the motion capture section beginning around the five-minute mark.

From here we see a number of faces, including Cihi and translator Jeremy Blaustein. According to comments on the video, "drama" director / animator Murakoshi Suguru and producer Akihiro Imamura are also visible.

The comments also include a note from Cihi explaining how he came across the footage:

"It was lost in storage for more than 15 years. I only found it because two years ago I converted the old Hi8 family video tapes to DVDs in advance of my daughter's wedding. And even then, at just 3 min., it remained elusive until just about two weeks ago."

I don't suppose you could keep digging around for us Guy? I'd love to see more of this sort of thing.

Heartbreak — SH2 Behind the Scenes [YouTube]


    wow was it so long ago?
    one of the greatest horror survial games

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