New Joy-Con Colour, Battery Pack Coming

Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers will soon be available in a new colour — "Neon Yellow" — while you'll also be able to buy a battery pack to extend the life of the lil' pads.

Both accessories will be available in Australia on June 16. No word on price for the battery pack, but Nintendo's Japanese site says ¥3280, which would put it in the $40 ballpark.


    The yellow is pretty funky, but who really needed more than 20 hours out of the controllers?!

    Now if these things could clip on and charge the console, that'd be worth something!

      I was saying yesterday I'm thinking of buying them just to use without batteries, for the added grip/comfort. And yeah it's a shame the console doesn't clip into them, could have actually made it usable in handheld mode.

        If you just like the shape, to make it comfy like the wii u gamepad, PDP makes some pretty good looking covers.

          Got a link? Had a quick look but seemed to mostly turn up silicone ones.

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