Nintendo Announces New Joy-Con Colours, Which Look Pretty Damn Nice

This morning, in addition to a new Switch with longer battery life, Nintendo announced some fresh new Joy-Cons. As a plebeian stuck with drab grey controllers, these neon wonder-cons have literally brightened by day.

The new Joy-Cons will come in two colours: the some what less impressive Blue/Neon Yellow combo and the actually super great Neon Purple/Neon Orange mashup. As someone perpetually jealous of my co-workers various colourful Joy-Cons and cool transparent custom controllers, those that purple and orange combination is looking pretty fantastic.

The Joy-Cons will retail on November 14th for the somewhat dubious price of $US79.99 (Australian pricing had not been announced at the time of writing). Hopefully in the time between then and now, Nintendo can solve the dreaded “Joy-Con Drift” issue. Because what good is some dope controllers if Octopath Traveller’s Ophelia keeps running to the left randomly?

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    Yeah no.

    Given Nintendo has been radio silent surrounding this issue for ages they won't do anything about it.

    Sucks that the awesome purple one is on the left, since I use the hori D-pad on that side.

    So I see they're still insisting on those separated arrow buttons instead of a proper d-pad. So... bugger that.

    It would be almost tempting if it wasn't for the price.

    So they still don't come in matching colours, have joystick drift, and no d-pad? Yeah no thanks.

    Why not give us some matching colours!? I just find these ugly.

    I'd love a pro controller with different colours that isn't an exclusive with a crazy price.

    I'd definitely like a matching pair of the dark blue joy cons. But as others have said, their quality issues are a real concern, so I wouldn't buying buying any more joy cons until it is confirmed they have fixed all these issues. I already have one joy con that can't be used as it's own controller as the R buttons don't work anymore. Common fault.

    Give me a pro controller in that purple and I'm sold

    Joycons has issues from the start. The buttons and joysticks are known cheap.

    Switch is made super cheap with easy scratch plastic screen. Hardware is cheap. Online system is a joke.

    Price for all things is 1.5-2x everyone else, with the above problems.

    And yet y’all paid for it regardless. So no, Nintendo isn’t gonna fix ANYTHING.

      Yeah the problem here is the customers, especially the ones who buy each iteration, plus one for each of their kids, and four sets of joycons + 4 pro controllers

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