What Are You Playing Over Easter?

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Given that the weekend officially starts from tomorrow, it seems a perfect time to ask: what are you playing over the Easter weekend?

I'm genuinely looking forward to the long weekend, even though I'll be working for the majority of it. Friday is going to be predominately a social affair, cooking for the parents and entertaining some friends in the afternoon.

I've got a review to finish writing and a couple of articles that I need to have done before heading off to Japan, and a four-day weekend is the best opportunity to do that. Part of that will revolve around playing a video game, fortunately, although I don't know if I'm allowed to say what game at this stage. (But you all know me well enough by now, so you can probably guess. It's not Horizon.)

What are you playing over the Easter weekend?


    More Mass Effect Andromeda. I'm at 70% completion and am nearing 100hours.

    It feels good to enjoy a game again.

    Finishing my true ending run of Stella Glow on 3DS.

    Maybe some Miku on Vita or other games on Vita.

    When at home and not visiting relatives I'll be continuing Horizon Zero Dawn.

      I'm getting a Vita for the first time today, and have this list of games to try out:
      1. Persona 4 Golden
      2. Uncharted: Golden Abyss
      3. Severed
      4. Gravity Rush
      6. Final Fantasy IX
      7. Suikoden II
      8. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

      Have I missed anything that should be in the top 10?

        If you're getting the Vita for commutes, I can't recommend Binding of Issac and Spelunky enough. Rogue-likes work so good on a train because of their short run times.

        But seriously, that list will take you a fair chunk of time to get through (Golden is around 100 hours by itself), you probably don't need too many more games to keep you going.

        Mandatory: http://s554.photobucket.com/user/Omegadenmad/media/original_zpsb99137af.gif.html

        Other favourite games I would add to the list (big, bite-sized or in-between):

        1. Assassin's Creed Liberation (although also available in HD on console);
        2. Dokuro (a neat little platformer with light puzzle features);
        3. Escape Plan (a kind of escape-the-room 2D puzzler);
        4. Hatsune Miku Project Diva f (or F 2nd, or X);
        5. Hitman GO (simul-turn-based geometric puzzler);
        6. Everybody's Golf;
        7. Hyperdimension Neptunia series (also available on PS3 but revamped on Vita);
        8. Kick & Fennick (touching little 2D platformer with trajectory mechanics);
        9. Killzone Mercenary;
        10. Legend of Heroes Trails in the Skye (FC and SC);
        11. Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel I & II;
        12. Lego Lord of the Rings (and Hobbit);
        13. Lumines Electronic Symphony (GET THIS! FOR COOL MUSIC TETRIS-Y STUFF)
        14. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection;
        15. Quell: Memento (atmospheric puzzler)
        16. Rayman Origins;
        17. Sound Shapes (2D atmospheric musical platforming)
        18. Steins;Gate (best time travelling VN ever)
        19. Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (cool absorb-em-up 2D platformer)
        20. Tearaway (although also available remastered on PS4)
        21. Thomas Was Alone (indie minimalist puzzle platformer)
        22. Volume (also available on PS4)
        23. Zero Escape series (if you want to start with 999 you'll need the bundle).

          This list is perfect, thank you! Now to source a memory card big enough to hold them all - it comes with an 8GB card but that clearly won't be enough!

            Go 32GB if you can. 64GB can sometimes have some problems and I think is a bit bigger than necessary (considering that you can easily delete/re-download games from PSN).

        Nice list! should keep you busy for a bit :) I just finished Severed which I really enjoyed (as well as Gucamelee if you haven't yet) I also just picked up Yomawari in the sales as I'm a big survival horror fan

        Spelunky, Hotline Miami, Downwell, Hitman Go, Nuclear Throne, Shovel Knight, Dragon's Crown, Tearaway, Olli Olli, Killzone Mercenary,

    Well last long weekend a played a bunch of Civilization so might do that again.
    Might have a chance to get back into The witness, mainlined that a bit heavily so took a bit of a break.
    Will likely try and finish off steamworld heist, really enjoying that.

    ME Andromeda (trying to get into it but it has been a struggle!)

    Also with a hint of physical violence our family shall attempt to finish a game of Monopoly!

      With Monopoly we usually play until the first person in bankrupted, then we tally up total wealth for remaining players. Makes it less boring for those who are eliminated.

    Yakuza 0.

    Maybe a bit of Battlefield 1. And maybe a bit of Overcooked if my wife has not yet shaken off her obsession with it.

    Still powering away at Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations. Will probably come in handy at my parents beach house. FFXV when we get back.

    Try to finish Breath of the Wild

      One does not "finish" BotW, you can try but you'll find a million other exciting things to see and explore and get distracted... Perpetual procrastination!

    Monopoly. It's Easter and that means the family will be over seeing who can bankrupt who.

    The game of continually refreshing the Australia Post app to see where my new/replacement Switch is at. More likely: Yooka-Laylee and Snake Pass when at home and perhaps Persona 4 Golden when out.

    Hacknet DLC came out a couple of weeks back, so looking forward to spending some time away from Destiny and diving into that. Kinda on the fence about if it'd be safe to play it while waiting for the plane tomorrow... how easily would this be misconstrued? :P

      Guess I might Iron Banner... although very much enjoying Steep and Rise of the Tomb Raider on the PS4.

      Also, do it. Might be a pain dealing with the ASIO folks (hi, ASIO folks! How's the new metadata retention thing going for you?) but you'll have a great story for A Current Affair. ;)

        Was going to do some Iron Banner this week... then I snagged the last sparrow I needed to finish the collections page, hit 100% on the book, and suddenly don't feel as obligated to PvP. Unless there's a neat emblem for that node... Dammit, now I need to check.

          I'm still perturbed that it hasn't given me the year 2 credit despite me completing 2 activities in the year 2 book. Maybe i wiped the character I did those on. :/

    Mass Effect: Andromeda. Maybe Hotizon when my cousin's over. Almost certainly movies/bourbon/weed with my fellow atheists :)

      If you've not tried Wild Turkey American Honey, I highly recommend it.

        Hmmm. I may :)

        Still burnt by some Maple flavoured Jim my gf bought duty free. Never, ever, ever again.

    PU Battlegrounds

    Might give Horizon another go but I'm just not feeling it. 3rd person Far Cry zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      Have you been wiped out by a Snapmaw yet? That certainly woke me up.

      Felt exactly the same up until I got past Meridian(?). Once you start actually investigating why the world is the way it is... the story is easily the best part of that game, but it doesn't really start until halfway through.

    Co-oping through Dark Souls 2 with my partner after we recently finished DS3.

    Praise the Sun & hot Cross Bun!

    On any normal weekend, it would be ME: Andromeda...but I'll be running after my 2 year old son at a busy camping ground for 4 days :)))

    RotTR, Iron Banner (@alexwalker do you have the internets yet? No? How about now?) and omg it's the COMMANDERS UPDATE FOR ELITE: DANGEROUS AND I CAN MAKE A BALD BEARDY AVATAR THAT LOOKS A BIT LIKE ME. So maybe some Elite: Dangerous. And The Witness is still keeping me hooked.

    We upgraded to a 4K telly and a PS4 Pro last weekend so that's nice too. Horizon Zero Dawn is sitting looking at me. Play me, it says. You know you want to.

      You really do want to play Horizon Zero Dawn. I know I do. In fact, I want to play it right now!

      Horizon is awesome. Well, the first 12-15 hours is basically third-person Far Cry, but once you get past Meridian, the rest is bloody fantastic. Do eet! :)

        3rd person Far Cry is a GOOD thing. 15 hours of that sounds fab!

      Not something stable enough for FPS, but I can log into the CMS and do a bit of work here and there (the best kind of internet, right). Hopefully it should be working by today, but I'll probably need a full day or two of updates because of how many I've missed. Sob.

    Persona 5 or this weird little browser game my gf got me into called Town of Salem. It is oddly fascinating!

    Elite Dangerous just got its latest update with Multicrew ships and an holopilot avatar...I might sink a few days into that again. So easy to get lost in that game!

    Last Guardian, got it for my birthday, and might finally get a chance to power it up.

    Mrs is away with her mum so ive downloaded ryse,elite dangerous and shadow of modor, first time playing them and ill probably smash out rank 5 in iron banner also want to get the 3rd ending in neir

    hmmm, depending on mood, maybe some overwatch to do some loot box farming. (i get sucked in to these things, im sorry)
    and if i cant be assed, maybe some Ronin and some Mass Effect 1

    Hmmm probably power thru the last of Thimbleweed Park, a little BotW (finally started it, but playing slowly), a little Destiny, and planning to binge one of three shows; Expanse season 2 (at least the 12 that have shown), or either Iron Fist or 13 Reasons Why. Looking forward to the long weekend so I can sleep some too, the very little last weekend has barely carried me through the week :/.

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