What Are You Playing Over The Easter Long Weekend?

What Are You Playing Over The Easter Long Weekend?
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Now is about the time most people would be prepping for a long weekend with family. That might still be the case for many, but with travel out of the question, chances are more video games are going to be on the menu for many.

Over the next four days I’ll be looking forward to exploring the post-game for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which we’ll be able to talk about more next week now the game is fully released. The gist is that you’ll be able to carry all your skills and materia through to a second playthrough, which really helps for Hard Mode.

Beyond that, I’m looking forward to playing some board games with my fiancee. We’ve had a few that have been sitting on the shelf for a while that need a big playthrough – Star Wars: Outer Rim, Pax Arcana, and I’d really love to give Fallout: The Board Game another whirl. There’s something about that which works really well across two players, probably because it’s not a hugely competitive game.

Also, Azul is still excellent.

What are you playing over the Easter long weekend?


  • In between extended sessions of Playdough, matchbox cars and duplo with my kid, I will be playing Warframe, Nioh 2, reluctantly the FFVII Remake and I’ve grabbed a cheap copy of Breakpoint so I might check out the immersive mode.

  • Bouncing between the last 3 ANNO games mostly with smattering of House flipper for a game where I can turn off my brain and just chill

  • Star Wars Jed Fallen Order. 2 planets in & really enjoying it. Actually looks and feels like Star Wars, no easy feat. Shout out to the audio .. superb!

  • Partway through Secret Armory of General Knoxx in my co-op Borderlands playthrough with one of my buddies, but might need to detour cause Vermintide 2 is doing double XP weekends.

    Also Cat Quest on my phone :3

    • ooh maybe also some Space Hulk: Deathwing since it has an 80% off cross-promotion for Vermintide 2 owners (and vice-versa)

  • For the most part I’ll be bouncing between Borderlands 3 and Cities Skylines. Most likely spend a couple hours in Quake Live/Quake Champions at some point too.

    • Doing the same, it’s my first Gears and it’s… alright. My main complaint is I’m having the same issue I had with jumping into Mass Effect for the first time at ME3, they figure everyone is already on top of what’s going so they spend absolutely no time at all getting to know any of the characters or providing any insight into anything that’s going on. They just assume you’re already invested, and I’m not. But it’s shiny, and fun enough, just not quite as good as I was hoping. But hey, can’t argue with that price.

      • id certainly have to change my tune if any of the old ME games became hard to come by, but youre really doing yourself a disservice by not starting with ME1 and then playing the trilogy at least 3 times over. at least. i wont blame ME3 for expecting you to have played 1 and 2 cause you should have played 1 and 2 🙂

        • I think I got ME3 with PS+, hence jumping into the third one before any of the others. I have since picked up ME1 and 2 on PC, I’ll move them up my list. As for Gears 5, gave up on that today. It wasn’t too bad, but I started to feel like I was pushing myself to play it during the free period more than I was enjoying it. Will pick it up if I see it for around $15 on sale. The perils of having a massive backlog, I get extremely picky when it comes to games.

          • i aint even picky yet i havent bothered with gears. i attempted the first one on the 360 (i wont say recently, but it wasn’t back when it was a new game) but console shooters just arent for me. i attempted it again on the PC but never finished it and to my knowledge 4 was the first in the series since to be released on PC so not much point in playing a fragmented series.

  • WoWing, might go buy NMS

    I also need a new mouse since my logitech G5 is dying so I need to do some online shopping first

    • The older laser Logitech G5? Damn. I remember playing a Counter-Strike nationals with that … literally 15 years ago.

      You after the exact same shape?

      • yea I remember buying this when I half way through uni during 2006… it’s had a good run lol

        nuhh I’m not. I’m open to anything actually, I’ve been digging up old kotaku articles just to get ideas

        always been a logitech person but these last 2 years I’ve branched out and have been using a razor keyboard (originally a G15 first gen) and turtle beach headset (originally a logitech clearchat headset)

        • The crop of wireless mice on the market are great, if you don’t mind the premium. Logitech, Razer, Corsair – they’re all pretty solid.

          • I’ve always leaned towards wired due to battery life concerns but it’s 2020, I’m sure things have improved lol

            if you (or anyone else) have recommendations I’m all ears

          • Yeah, battery life on wireless mice is completely fine now – they’re really smart about turning off when not in use after a short while, and they restart quickly (although Razer’s wake-up isn’t quite as crisp as Logitech’s or Corsairs, but it’s honestly fine).

            Razer Viper Ultimate, G Pro Wireless, Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro, Harpoon RGB Wireless, G703, G502 … can’t really go wrong with any of those.

  • Managed to finish Far Cry 5 and now starting Watch Dogs 2, making the most of having nothing to do and playing some bigger games that i just haven’t had time to look at or make the most of.

  • Was gonna do some D3 runs but pc hdd just started to go crap…. so whilst waiting for the parts im working on my full 100% run for Bloodstained… all I need is the OD and IGA medals!

  • Definitely some FF7 Remake, and I am determined to finally finish Resident Evil (the original) after owning it on about four different systems throughout time and never quite managing it.

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