Here’s Destiny 2 Running At 60fps On PC 

Here’s Destiny 2 Running At 60fps On PC 

When I played Destiny 2 last month, the most striking difference wasn’t anything about the game itself. It was how it felt to play it on PC.

Today NVIDIA posted a video that shows what the game looks like on PC in 4K resolution, running at 60fps. This won’t be of interest to anyone but the hardest core Destiny-heads, but it does give a sense of what the game looks like at a higher frame-rate.

Destiny 2 hits PC on October 24, more than a month after the console versions launch on September 6. The PC beta is also later than consoles, coming some time in August.


  • Looks gorgeous at 60fps. Very tempted to upgrade but can’t justify the price at the moment.

  • interesting. Still debating between the two. But pretty sure I will stay with PS4. Playing PVP on a pc with a controller when others are using keymouse/mouse can feel a bit meh. And one thing I dont miss about PC is the toxicity of text chat.

  • Particle effects always look nice in Destiny, but meshes are normally somewhat of a let down. I am currently more hype for Anthem on PC, but will wait and see if my main issies are remedied in the sequel.

  • Looks alright, Fingers crossed the fov setting includes the gun model, I can’t understand why games always want half of your screen to be a gun.

    • its something thats starting to get to me as well, even more so after getting back into Arma 3 where the models are nowhere near as large. its like ever character is walking around with their heads resting right next to the weapon weapon sights as if their about to bust down a door

      • Just started playing rising storm 2, the Americans seem to run with there gun practically covering there face it’s ridiculous.

  • Looks soo smooth… but I’m more concerned about who I play Destiny with than what platform I play on, so I’ll still be sticking with PS4 for the time being. If only cross-saves were a thing…

    • They really bloody should be. Facebook games have better cross-platform portability than AAA, and it’s simply no excuse to say ‘it’s because they’re smaller and less complex’. Horse shit your Destiny inventory/stats profile isn’t easily portable.

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