Here’s More Monster Hunter XX On The Switch

Here’s More Monster Hunter XX On The Switch
Image: Kotaku

Capcom recently held a livestream showing off what Monster Hunter XX would look like on Nintendo’s hybrid console. And if you didn’t catch that, here’s what you missed.

The livestream showed the game running in handheld, tabletop and docked mode, and you can see from the footage that the game still needs some optimisation in places. But it’s a good enough indication of where the game is headed, the sort of scale you can expect, and what the best experience might be.

Being able to play Monster Hunter XX on the go is obviously a huge drawcard here, although it seems like the game might be one of the few that plays better in docked mode.

Long-time fans of the series: what do you think? And as some advice for those who haven’t gotten into the series at all (but might be exposed to one to the first time through XX), do you think Monster Hunter XX is a good starting point?


    • @railx
      me too – I never got into the Monster Hunter series, plenty of mates did though and they all have positive reviews. Be interested to know if any previous iterations are tied in to this one or if they are stand alone?
      Looking forward to it immensely.

      • Ditto. I have played every clone, but they all leave me wanting. None seem to have any real x factor about them.

      • It’s better to pick up MHX (Monster Hunter Generations) if you want to get into the series right now and have 3DS. Otherwise, just wait for the MHXX. In MHX, the game introduced you new mechanics that wasn’t in the previous game. So jumping into MHXX or MHX is not a bad thing. All MH games are stand alone and they don’t really have a solid story on it so you don’t miss out much.

    • I think Generations itself is pretty noob friendly. I’m a noob and wanted to go into Monster Hunter and find Generation easy to go into because of the lack of G rank, which seasoned players are kinda salty about it. Generation was X, then they introduced XX which brings back all the hardcore late game stuff.

      I think it’s a good entry point, I played just a little of Generation and I’ll probably gonna sink in when XX comes out on switch here.

    • I’ve enjoyed the core premise and mechanics of MH since I started with MH3. Just to get that out of the way.

      MH4U on the 3DS was a great entry point, it felt like Capcom put in a lot of effort to broaden the difficulty curve and ease new players into learning and mastering the various systems.
      MHX/Generations retains a similar difficulty curve but adds Hunter Arts which can almost induce a type of option paralysis for new players – there’s now the option of what type of weapon you want to main and which style.

      However, MHX is still much more approachable than MH3 and I expect MHXX will be the same. The next numbered iteration, MH5, announced in the deep dark future, will likely update/refine mechanics as MH4 did with verticality/jumping and MHX with Hunter Arts, but the core systems will remain the same so it’s inconsequential which iteration you jump on board with.

      tl;dr Contemporary MH is easier and, at least I find, more rewarding to learn that older MH. If you have a 3DS or Switch and want to get into MH then you won’t be disappointed.

    • Tips to entering the world of Pain, Grind and Fun that is Monster Hunter
      1. It basically a game of timing and execution, if you rush in your going to have a bad time, learn the monsters moves while learning your weapon timings, while also learning when to use your hunter arts.
      2. try out many weapons, thats what low rank is for but dont try to upgrade every weapon & its path, stick with 1 or 2. The hammer or Sword & Shield are always great starting weapons.
      3. Items, Items items, I hope you like collecting and making things because this game is about cutting up rare and potentially endangered species and sticking parts of them on sticks or yourselves, you will be grinding monsters for parts often
      4. Play with friends (or online)the game acts differently with other players as the monster will shift its threat around the party, handy to learn monsters at other players expense
      5. The Story has never been ground breaking, this is a game focusing on gameplay with repetitive experiences that become rewarding as you master it, it has a learning curve that extends, as you level up the monsters get harder, change tactics and do new abilities.
      Dark souls + Diablo + Fighting game = MH
      6. Je suis monte
      7. Don’t worry about min maxing items and builds during Low Rank, figure out your play style first, the tedious number crunch and grind in upper HR and G rank can wait.
      8. Some weapons can hit and throw other players around (hammer, Switch axe, Charge Blade) so watch out where you swing, or if you hate someone swing away!
      9. Youtube Gaijin hunter

      • Also, don’t be afraid to try ranged weapons. The first time I tried bowgun with any seriousness was in Gen (been playing since MHFU on PSP), and my goodness, it was almost like an entirely new, just as fun, game.

        • Same here loved MHFU was my most favorite one. The guns where fun to use if u wanted to play safe at a distance plus playing sword and shield for a balanced roll was even better.

  • If anything, people eyeing this off as a first-time experience should perhaps play together.

    The last ‘actual’ iteration in the series was my first real hit-out, being Number 4. The next one could be called 5, but in no region do I think it was given a number.

    If I was a first-timer, I would have liked to have known the following:

    Each quest you are given should be done in that order as much as possible, they have a nice learning curve.

    Item management becomes very intimidating after a while, but I would just end up concentrating on farming items for making paintballs (very important) and herbs/health items (think RE levels of combining for different effects).

    Teaming up, with people I know are on the same skill level as me – turns out this is quite important. The game really shines in multiplayer mode.

    All in all, you know Dark Souls? It’s ‘like Dark Souls’ – monsters of varying size and speed, and you need to anticipate animation frames depending on your weapon swing and animation times.

  • Damn it….

    So much for not getting a switch, I’ve waited too long for a new MH on something other than the DS

  • Generations (x in Japan) is the current jumping on point. It’s probably the most noob friendly. This is just an upgraded version that you can transfer your character too.

    Noting mh has more of a difficulty curve than Dark souls, but the combat is extremely similar and gets much harder than Dark souls late game in the multiplayer mode.

  • was gonna say how bad it looks but then realised they were playing in portable mode and it was 720p video being stretched onto my 24 inch 1080p monitor, when i played it in a small window similar to what the switch would have it looks very nice actually
    Also that first gif in the article fucking hurts my brain, that motion blur on the background, horrible.

  • Im Kinda Mad that Capcom just recycles the games over and over and over , when do we goet a new game thats actually mostly new? Im a big fan of monster hunter and have bought many systems just to play, my nintendo Wiiu has 3 games MH ,Xenoblade Chronicles X ,and the game it came with, I mena should i really buy a multi hundred system just to play MH capcom? Ima go play Daughtless (and buy a founders pack) instead if all you got is a revamped version of Generations on the wings.

    Japan should be mad at you to Nintendo and Capcom for trying to make them buy a system for 1-2 games also. Its Time for MH5 or westernize the PC version. not this system selling tease bait and Switch. Im still Mad.

    • I can understand you feeling playing MH from the fist platform from PSP then jumping to WiiU to Nintendo DS3 then to Nintendo Switch but hopefully MHW will be even better on PS4 it will be even better playing it on PS4 pro or if they make one for Virtual realm for the PS4 even better. But over all it is a cash cow theme. but then again they might of been looking at what platform had more people. I love MHFU over all games out there because the PSP was more over all easyer to use and the feeling was better for your hand grip and the terning of the screen was easyer as well.

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