JB, You've Done It Again

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Nailed it.

JB Hi-Fi reviews have a habit of being savage, and the latest one is no disappointment. I'm advised that Dandenong could just as easily be substituted for Woolongong for Sydney folk, which Tegan assures me is accurate. (She grew up there.)

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JB, you've done it again.


    After enduring working at the Dandenong Dick smith for a few years. I walked through the car pack stairwell as it was fastest to get to the store. Not once, but twice someone took a shit in the that stair well. Made me wonder if they really couldn't hold it in for 3 mins to get in the shopping centre.

      C'mon, you know that the only reason they took a shit in thr stairwell is because they wanted to take a shit in a stairwell.

      Dandenong JB we had someone shit in the actual store. Fountain gate someone shat themselves and instead of going straight to the toilet tapped the nugget out the bottom of his pants and kept shopping. I don't understand people

        Yeah, i don't usually condone it, But in this case build a wall around dandenong so the shit doesn't spread.

    nah its more like Nowra and Sanctuary Point Simulator

      Haha yep As someone who grew up in Sanctuary "Struggle" Point I very much concur with this assessment!!!

    *Wollongong - if you're gonna rag on my city, at least spell it right. :)

    Yo, the Gong is absolutely beautiful! Your friend Tegan is trippin'.

      eh im guessing teagan must of lived close or near to either Dapto of Port Kemblar

      It depends a bit on which part of the 'Gong.
      Also it's changed a lot in recent times so I imagine it would have been different when she was growing up.
      Even in the 6 years I've lived there a lot more cafes, restaurants, small bar's etc have opened up.
      The beaches have always been beautiful though.

    I lived in Noble Park for a year as a kid. Though it was really better than Ashburton where I was for 4 years. The families were far richer in Ashburton and the teens far worse ( of course this was late 80's)

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