JB Hi-Fi's Resident Evil 7 Displays Are Pretty Great

Remember that moment of AUSSIE RETAIL JUSTICE when JB Hi-Fi stood side-by-side with Hideo Kojima and stuck it real hard to Konami?

That was pretty cool.

Now JB Hi-Fi is focusing its prodigious sign making abilities on another game.

Resident Evil 7.

All across the country, the spirit of JB Hi-Fi stores trying to outdo each other is riding high.

Here are some of the coolest Resident Evil 7 displays we've seen so far.


Town Hall




World Square

If you've seen any awesome JB Hi-Fi displays (or reviews) shoot us an email with pics!


    Where's the RE7 review? I was looking for a few hints/tips/some talk about how amazing this game is after my 2 hours of shitting myself last night!!! That Mia bitch!!! Gahhh!!

    Cant wait for more eye bleeding VR tonight!!!

      Awesome to hear its good. Got it downloading right now on pc. Heard its also a top version.

    Amusing as always. But dammit, I wish I had that much free time at my job.

    Considering it's $89.99 they got to put in some effort. I went to Target and got it for $79. Since Dick Smith closed their doors JB charges whatever they want

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