Guy Falls Asleep On Stream, So Devolver Gives Away Games In His Chat

Guy Falls Asleep On Stream, So Devolver Gives Away Games In His Chat
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Publisher promotions are usually pretty cringeworthy. Except for Devolver Digital, which always seems to do the craziest shit.

Latest case in point: Jam_Bo, a Scottish streamer. He decided to play some some GORN, a gory VR game about gladiators. After playing through and enjoying some drinks, as many streamers and Scots tend to do, he decided to take a nap.

While streaming.

Devolver, the publisher of GORN, noticed. So they did the kind of thing you’d expect Devolver to do: they started giving away codes for Absolver in Jam_Bo’s stream chat while he was asleep.

People falling asleep on stream is hardly new, although it’s always a little bit entertaining. But when a publisher jumps in chat and starts whipping people into a frenzy – by giving away free stuff – that’s a whole new thing entirely.

Because Devolver started pointing it out, other people jumped in on the fun:

What’s fun about it all is that Jam_Bo isn’t a large streamer by any stretch of the imagination. When he was sleeping, Jam_Bo had barely over 100 concurrent viewers. By the time he woke up, that number had risen to over 800 – a nice bump, but nothing compared to the scale of larger Twitch streamers.

Viewers asked him to link his other social media accounts, but the Scotsman’s replied that he was “shit at Twitter” and linked people to a personal Facebook page rather than a public profile.

He’s the typical small streamer, which made Devolver’s next move all the more touching:

It’s the kind of thing that, really, you could only see Devolver doing. And, sure, it was a cheeky promotion for Absolver. But it helped bring a spotlight to a cheerful Scot, and put a smile on people’s faces in what was an otherwise ordinary afternoon.


    • Sometimes you get can the gist of an article by reading the headline. In this case it’s:

      “Guy Falls Asleep On Stream, So Devolver Gives Away Games In His Chat”.

      • I did read the article what I don’t get is 1. Why would people bother to watch someone sleeping? and 2. Why a game company would give away free stuff for a guy that is sleeping in his Twitch stream.

        • People watch the strangest shit on streams my friend… The chat was probably going off while he was asleep so why not?! lol

          • Thanks for the reply, yeah I didn’t realize there was a chat built into Twitch. But your right there is some strange shit getting round the web that people lap up.

        • I guess to answer.

          1. People tuned in for the free games, but stayed for the chat and community, and probably the hope for more free games.
          2. Twitch is primarily a game streaming platform so it makes sense for a game company to use it as a way to advertise themselves, Devolver just choose to do their advertising in kooky ways thats likely to get their antics posted on other social platforms. it’s a better tactic then just giving more free stuff to the bigger streamers for a small window of advertising that would likely get lost.

          • Uh ok so there is a chat thing built in like messenger. I am such a noob with social media and online streams, hence why I do not partake in social media except for this site, if you would call it that. I guess it makes sense to hang around and chat and BS with others. Cherry on top is free games I guess.

        • Why would people do those things? because it is the internet and there are always people out there who will do anything haha

        • At the end of the day it’s because of people like me. I’m about to check out what games they have to see if any of it interests me. So it could lead to a few sales. And doing it on a smaller streamer actually boosts the chances of it being a little more personal and then picked up in the media.
          Maybe I should start sleeping on my streams =p

          • Yeah I totally get it, exposure like this is a pretty good marketing tactic. As you said yourself, it has kindled your interest in the game company which leads to sales and I guess you telling your circle of friends which leads to them passing on the info.

    • Company brings joy to viewers with tongue in cheek promotion for mutual benefit of all involved? Works for me 😉

      • Hey there, I was more perplexed as to why he didn’t turn the stream off lol, not as to why the game company was handing out free shit.

  • Lol that’s hilarious but also very frustrating!!! I have been in contact with Devolver Digital and Sloclap about review keys since the start of the month lol… Hopefully I hear back after this beautiful marketing!!! Awesome ideas to get their game out there and people talking about it!!!

      • Obviously – Evident by all the previous developers who have been happy to work with me …

        Thanks for the hate – shows i got something you want 😉

  • My grandmother was Scottish, so I’m usually pretty good at deciphering that accent, but I can’t make out a word he’s saying after ‘No way’. Does anyone know what the dude is saying? I still don’t know what Devolver did.

    • @bears_wear_hats I just spent ten minutes doing the same thing. I think he says something indecipherable, then says “oh my god free games for life”

      • Hi all 🙂
        The streamer exclaims the following:
        “No way….
        No way
        Oh my god
        So they’re giving out just…
        They’re giving out keys and they’re giving me fucking free games for life
        Oh my god
        That is amazing
        Nah, I can’t even believe that”

        • to have a unlocked steam account for this company dang I only seen it happen a few times with another publisher since it means you will have also all games that will also come out if it’s for life

    • Theyre givin out keys and now theyre givin me free games for life. oh my god.
      That is amazing. I canne believe that

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