All The Marketing From Devolver Digital’s Countdown To Marketing

All The Marketing From Devolver Digital’s Countdown To Marketing

Despite having no E3 convention to lampoon this year, Devolver Digital has nevertheless returned to skewer a games industry obsessed with trailer showcases. The Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown To Marketing showcase highlighted a slew of games the publisher intends to ship over the next six months. We’ve rounded up every last trailer included in the show, and dropped them into a handy list for you below.

The stream began with both a parody of Neon Genesis Evangelion and features legendary Japanese developer SUDA51. This year’s Devolver story sees CEO Nina Struthers battling the Video Game Singularity. It is a savvy and savage satire of the video game industry, choked as it is with sequels, mega-acquisitions, giant conglomerates, metaverse crossovers, and a burgeoning interest in web3.

You can watch the whole thing in the embed below, or scroll down if you just want to see the trailers.

This year’s showcase was comprised of just five trailers, including a look at the recently released Card Shark. You can “check a look” below.

Cult of the Lamb

First cab off the rank, the Australian game that people cannot wait to play. It’s finally coming! August 11! A huge congratulations to the team at Melbourne’ss Massive Monster.

Anger Foot

I don’t know, you’ve just gotta let this trailer happen. It’s a lot, and all of it is good.


Card Shark

The game I plan to blow my whole weekend on. Lies, subterfuge, and cheating at cards in Victorian England? I’m in.


The Plucky Square

Yes, that’s right, not one but TWO Australian games in the Devolver showcase! The Plucky Squire is a new game from Queensland dev All Possible Futures and, we think you’ll agree, it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen in ages. Congrats to the team.

Skate Story

Skate Story is the video game version of that TikTok guy riding his skateboard and listening to Fleetwood Mac: a pure vibe. Love the look and feel of this one, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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