No Man’s Sky Creators Say The Game Will Receive A Big Update This Week

No Man’s Sky Creators Say The Game Will Receive A Big Update This Week

No Man’s Sky will be getting an update this week to improve the story and add quick travel using portals. The announcement came at the end of an ongoing ARG that has been teasing changes to the game.

A new memo sent by game designer Sean Murray revealed that the new update, called Atlas Rises, will expand on the narrative. Atlas Rises “focuses on improving the central story of No Man’s Sky” as well as adds portal to the game. During the game’s launch, the potential existence of portals prompted widespread speculation and fan theories.

No Man’s Sky has slowly been rounding itself out with updates including vehicles and base-building. These updates have expanded the game’s survival elements but left its woefully underwhelming story untouched. No Man’s Sky‘s subpar story content left players creating their own tales with efforts to map sectors of the galaxy or fully explore planets to learn their secrets. It remains to be seen exactly what the new content will hold, but Murray’s memo states that “patch notes will be made available shortly before the update goes live”. 


  • Jumping into this game around now would be a much better option that at launch. Anyone out there still playing or jumping back in with this?

    • Played at launch for a few weeks until giving up. Jumped back in after the first big update and couldn’t shake my disappoint with the game.

      Might jump in after this update, but games like Subnautica and Minecraft occupy my time.

      • You should play Elite Dangerous, It’s a better game & the developers actually worked hard & made a quality product .

        • See, I think this is why NMS failed. People where expecting a competitor to Elite or Star Cit, but that’s not what it is.

          • To be fair, that is literally what they showed in their trailer, people playing together, massive space battles and a multitude of alien civilisations to explore and learn about.

        • Studio that made No man’s sky consists of about 13 people. I’m sure they worked hard enough, just bit off more than they could chew.

          Frontier Studios is a team of around 300.

          • If by “bit off more than they could chew” you mean “were forced by Sony to release before the game was fully baked…”, then yeah.

            But you do have a definitely point about the disparity in team numbers. What they’ve accomplished so far is amazing for such a small team.

        • & the developers actually worked hard

          I’m so fed up of this “lazy devs” bullshit. You really think they just didn’t work hard enough and that’s why the game turned out like it did?

          • It’s doesn’t matter as you can’t take the developer at their word no? There’re plenty of hard working inde developers out there who worked hard with a little team, Didn’t lie & didn’t sell their product unfinished at a AAA price. Have you played Hyper Light Drifter/FTL etc.

          • So they were meant to abandon the whole project and take up that loss when Sony dropped them for not releasing it when Sony wanted them to? Brilliant.

          • No but the launch was a fiasco that let alot of ppl down due to wrong or false advertisement that continued up to the release of the game ( leading ppl to think the game was more than it was). Don’t act like that didn’t happen.

          • I can take their word that they worked hard, yes! Have you played the game? While not everyone liked it, it’s an amazing achievement to put something out like that from such a small team!

    • I’ll probably go back for a quick look, at least.

      I actually quite enjoyed my time with it. Got it pretty cheap in a PSN sale after a major update or two, played for a couple of weeks before getting distracted by other games.

      Not a timeless classic or anything, but I reckon I got my money’s worth out of it.

    • I haven’t jumped in for a while as I’ve been occupied with Watch Dogs 2, Doom, Horizon, and now Just Cause 3. I did have a good go when the previous vehicle and base add ons were released and I am very keen on checking out the new update. There’s been a whole lot going on recently with the whole Walking Titan thing (Which I still don’e quite understand), so I think I’ll soon be picking up my quest to finally get to the center of the galaxy and find out what has been going on.

  • While its great NMS keeps getting these updates and improvements, its a shame the biggest problems such as the draw distance and mediocre flora/fauna/planets in general cannot be so easily fixed.
    I think the biggest tragedy of the NMS saga is that no one will ever try to make something like it again.

    • Yup. Draw distance meaning that I could watch a planet being procedurally generated right before my eyes and everything looking the same were the biggest killers for me.

      I need the smoke and mirrors to actually do their job and make the suspension of disbelief easier. Now… all I see is discrete systems.

      • Since the updates, nothing really looks the same, the variety is pretty astounding really.

      • Discrete being applied generously :p

        Once you see the math, you can’t go back, it’s like being the lamest Neo in a version of the Matrix running on a 386

        I even muttered “No” when I saw it.

    • Well they have book of things not to do. I think we’ll see it again, but probably not for some time. Spore was the one before this.

  • While this sounds great, meanwhile i can’t even get the game to work. Keeps freezing right at the start. Immensely frustrating.

  • Haven’t played in a long while, but definitely would be interested in going back to it. I really enjoyed that game, despite all the negative press.

  • I played a good 60 hours when it first launched, thoroughly enjoyed my time.
    After the 60 odd hours (and finding a few planets where i could cheeze high value resources) the realization that i wasn’t going anywhere meaningful set in and i let it rest.

    I jumped back in after the building update onto my original save and was instantly bored, didnt bother building a base.

    Might try a new save or visit a new planet and give this update a go, not sure if i should start a new save and grind everything though.

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