Xbox Live Was Down For Over 5 Hours [Update]

Xbox Live is experiencing some serious downtime at the moment, with many owners unable to play games or even sign in. [UPDATE: It's back.]

This is Xbox Live's status page at time of posting. As you can see, both "core services" and purchasing are affected.

Microsoft is aware and looking into the problem:

This means no Destiny:

No Overwatch:

You get the idea. We'll update when there are any changes.

UPDATE: Service was restored around 3PM AEST, over five hours after it went down.


    PlayStation users exhale a long sigh of relief. The tables have turned.

    ..... We'll see what tomorrow brings.

      Meh, as a Playstation user I don't really care if XBL is up, down or somewhere in between since I don't use it anyway.

      Except there isn't 800 articles about how Xbox Live is shit and terrible and people aren't getting shit for a paid product. There's a million times more hate when the PSN goes down.

        It could be because it happens more to PSN than XBL, so people have less patience for it by the Nth time around.

          Yup. I use both and find myself frustrated by the PSN a lot more than Live.

          To be fair I don't particularly care all that much if either goes down as sometimes it's inevitable - I think the reason the PSN cops so much flack is more for things like download speeds in general and the way things such as the store timeout constantly (so much so I know me and my friends all use the store on tablet/desktop to save endless frustration). That being said, I find myself irritated by the large number of xbox updates recently that seem to take longer and longer - that was always an issue in the early days of PS3 - all of these things are more irritating than an outage.

          Be interesting to see if any of the issues I have with PSN dissipate when they start collecting the extra $10 a year from people...

            Are you part of the Xbox preview or insider program? I ended up leaving because there was way too many updates.

              Yep, realised it was probably that a few weeks back when i had my fourth update in a fortnight, may have to consider leaving it - I don't understand why it doesn't update when my machine is resting even though it's set to though?

              Nothing to lose sleep over in any case, far more irritating is the way it pulls you out of a game if an update goes 'live' whilst you're playing - but again, in the whole scheme of things it's not life ending!

                It will definitely be that, I now get maybe 1 a month if that. It got to a point where it felt like every time I turned it on there was one and combined with AU internet and not having allot of game time it drove me crazy.

    But us Australians should be at work or school right!?

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