Report: Xbox One X 'Project Scorpio Edition' Leaked

Image: Xbox Dynasty / Microsoft

It looks like Microsoft will get some extra marketing mileage out of Project Scorpio, the codename for the Xbox One X. Leaked images purportedly show the gruntier build of Microsoft's console will have a limited release form, called the "Project Scorpio Edition".

According to The Verge's Chaim Gartenberg, news of the limited edition hardware came via the accidental publication of product pages by various German retailers.

The pages contained a number of images, including several featuring the unit and controller (pictured above). Not long after these photos were revealed, serial leaker Evan Blass shared the following shots via Twitter.

Image: Evan Blass / Microsoft
Image: Evan Blass / Microsoft

Nothing is officially confirmed, but going from current evidence, this almost certainly the real deal.

Unsurprisingly, no details are available regarding Australian pricing or availability, though with the cat out of the bag, it's possible Microsoft will nip speculation in the bud and release hard info next week — or possibly sooner.

Project Scorpio Edition bei Saturn gesichtet [Xbox Dynasty, via The Verge]


    I would love one of these. Hopefully we can get a local release.

    This could possibly be the surprise MS had planned for the stream tomorrow morning. I was already planning on getting one day one, I'll definitely try and grab this one now.


    At least they've realised Xbox One X is about as stupid as WiiU and are taking steps to address it.

      That makes no sense.

      Wii U's amazing, Scorpio doesn't seem to be anything of the sort :P

      Cheapest 4k player on the market. Cheapest player supporting Doby HDR as well (PS4\Pro does neither of these things).

      Combined with over 400 titles from Xbox 360 already ported as well, and the XB1 is an excellent legacy and media console.

    I've had a XB1-X preordered when all they were was $999 Project Scorpio placeholder after the E3 announce 2 years ago.

    With any luck, my preorder gets me a Scorpio edition.

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