Some Of Our Favourite Cosplays From Brisbane Oz Comic Con

Oz Comic Con is done for the year, but thankfully we've still got a good few weeks of cosplay photos to look forward to from the latest two events. First, to Brisbane with its lush gardens and cosplay-destroying humidity. Here's some of our favourite photos from this year's Brisbane Comic Con!

Image: Cosplay Australia. Cosplayer: Nichameleon
Image: Cosplay Australia. Cosplayer: Zerebin
Image: Cosplay Australia. Cosplayer: Jai D. Evans

Brisbane was also home to the second last round of the Australian Championships of Cosplay, where cosplayer Thendm Cosplay came out on top as Queensland's state representative.

Image: Pandom Images. Cosplayer: Henchwench
Image: Pandom Images. Cosplayer: Jade Walker
Image: Pandom Images. Cosplayer: Goanna Cosplay
Image: Pandom Images. Cosplayer: William Helmrich
Image: Pandom Images. Cosplayer: Holly Braund
Image: Pandom Images. Cosplayer: Montayva

If you know any cosplayer credits that are missing, let me know and I'll add them in!

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    My daughter had her first stage experience this year in the kids parade at Brisbane as Teen Titans Go! Starfire. She was very nervous in the line to go on stage, but she was happy to go solo onto the stage itself. What a trooper!

    Hello! I am one of the cosplayers featured in this list along with a friend. We are in this photo: the one with the person holding an umbrella and the other person holding an axe. I'm the elf with the Umbrella (Taako from The Adventure Zone) and my cosplay page is and my friend with the axe and fur on their shoulder (Magnus from The Adventure Zone) is cooldadpatrol on Instagram!

    I'm getting old, I only recognised about a third of the characters.

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