The Best Cosplays From Oz Comic Con Perth

Last weekend Oz Comic Con kicked off its 2017 convention season with its westernmost event in Perth. Unlike the east coast, it looks like they had some good weather for the weekend, and the cosplayers and photographers were out in droves.

With Oz Comic Con living up to its reputation as one of Australia's most cosplay friendly events, there was a huge range of costumes on show — from anime to video games to live action movies and even... puppets? Adelaide cosplay photographer Steamkittens traveled over to shoot some of his signature moody cosplay photos, while some of Peegion Photography's shots look straight out of a professional studio.

Fruitless Pursuits also collected a handful of images from the stage, across the convention's various cosplay competitions.

The convention played host to the Perth leg of Oz Comic Con's Australian Championships of Cosplay, which was won by Terranous with his amazing, battle-worn Skyrim cosplay. Terranous will now be travelling to the finals later in the year, competing for a chance to represent Australia in one of the world's biggest international cosplay competitions.

This weekend, Oz Comic Con will be heading to Adelaide to find its next state cosplay champion for 2017, and no doubt more awesome costumes besides. For more great cosplays from the Perth show in the meantime, check out Filmcraft's video of the event below:


    @HayleyWilliams - I know half of these cosplayers. They all have cosplay pages. Want them?

    The flames on that Ghost Rider are the greatest thing I've ever seen

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