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The last Oz Comic Con has now been and gone -- and what better setting for it than the beautifully renovated International Convention Centre in Sydney. After being stuck for years at a frankly unphotogenic location, cosplayers and photographers alike took advantage of the new building to take some beautiful photos.


Oz Comic Con is done for the year, but thankfully we've still got a good few weeks of cosplay photos to look forward to from the latest two events. First, to Brisbane with its lush gardens and cosplay-destroying humidity. Here's some of our favourite photos from this year's Brisbane Comic Con!


Oz Comic Con Melbourne may have been two weeks ago, but the amazing cosplay photos are still pouring in. As one of Australia's bigger cosplay communities, it's no surprise that Melbourne is constantly full of talented costumers, not to mention those who have travelled interstate. Check out some of the best of them right here!


You may not have heard of it, but one of the world's biggest international cosplay competitions is happening this week, hosted by C2E2 in Chicago -- the Crown Championships of Cosplay. Among regional champions from eight different countries, and a host of local American competitors, Australian cosplayer Henchwench is there gunning to be the one to bring the crown back down under.


Last weekend Adelaide was treated to one of the earliest conventions in Australia's pop culture calendar: Oz Comic Con. With another round of the Australian Championships of Cosplay taking place over the weekend, some of of South Australia's best cosplay was out on show.


Last weekend Oz Comic Con kicked off its 2017 convention season with its westernmost event in Perth. Unlike the east coast, it looks like they had some good weather for the weekend, and the cosplayers and photographers were out in droves.


While Australia has been sending representatives overseas to compete in international cosplay comps since 2009, this year is the first year we've brought home the crown -- and in the first year of C2E2's huge international competition, what's more. Brisbane's Major Sam Cosplay competed against a number of incredibly impressive cosplayers from all over the world, ultimately taking home first place for the Aussie cosplay community.


Oz Comic Con's national cosplay competition has been some time in the making. It started in April in Perth, travelled to Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, finally landing in Sydney this past weekend. Along the way they gathered the best talent to be found in each city, bringing them all to Sydney for the final. It all culminated this past Sunday when a winner -- the best of the best of the best -- was finally crowned.


While much can be said about Oz Comic Con Sydney's lines, its ridiculous crowds and the unique pain of being redirected all the way from the convention centre in Glebe to a parking lot in Darling Harbour (in order to then catch the free shuttle-ferry back to Glebe), it gets one thing right in a big way. Cosplay.