The Best Cosplays From Oz Comic Con Adelaide

The Best Cosplays From Oz Comic Con Adelaide

Last weekend Adelaide was treated to one of the earliest conventions in Australia’s pop culture calendar: Oz Comic Con. With another round of the Australian Championships of Cosplay taking place over the weekend, some of of South Australia’s best cosplay was out on show.

It’s not just the cosplayers who were on point — the photographers were as well. Whether taking photos at the cosplay photo wall, on stage or just in the halls, Adelaide’s ‘togs have already put out a huge collection of impressive cosplay snaps. Here are our favourites, pulled from the galleries of Creed Photography, Nathan Tan Photography, SFX Images, HoungT Costography and Steamkittens.

Images by Creed Photography

Images by Nathan Tan Photography

Images by SFX Images

Images by HoungT Costography

Images by Steamkittens

Adelaide’s regional finals for the Championships of Cosplay were also held on the weekend, offering the winner the chance to compete in the national championship (and a shiny trophy). This time the local title was taken out by Tiffany Dean Cosplay, with an original armoured design by Cinderys of League Of Legends champion Kindred.

Adelaide Cosplay Champion Tiffany Dean. Image by SFX Images


  • Ahhhh!! I got featured, I was the Raven cosplayer. You can find me on Facebook,

  • All of these are stunning, but it’s always nice to see a RWBY cosplay. Loving that Nora <3

  • Why isn’t the giant robot featured here? Also, why didn’t it feature in the top 4 of the cos play comp?

  • Omg! I can’t believe I got featured, I was Raven. You can follow me on fb, username is the same as on here

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