What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Having spent the long weekend spending all of my on Total Warhammer for work, I'm looking forward to a slightly more relaxed couple of days.

Days that will naturally be spent playing video games anyway, obviously.

The Battlefront 2 beta will go live to the public later tonight, having kicked off earlier this week for people who pre-ordered. I played some of the game with a controller at Gamescom, and I'd be keen to see how the X-Wings and TIE fighters handle with a mouse and keyboard. Running around on the ground was fine, but for me it's the space battles that I really missed from the original (I didn't play Battlefront 1's DLC, for the record.)

Beyond that, I'll probably be losing even more sleep to Through the Ages and spending some time finishing up Golf Story.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Just queued Dragon's Dogma for download on the PS4, it should be ready to go by the time I get back from work.

    I'm a little disappointed that the only improvements were graphical... it would've been nice to get some modern Quality of Life improvements in there, but it was such a fun game. Very deep, and very pretty.

    I've also picked up Battlechasers, Ruiner, Heat Signature, and Stardew (Switch for the GF, reinstalled on my PC) because who the hell has enough time to play all the amazing quality coming out these days?!

      who the hell has enough time to play all the amazing quality coming out these days?!

      ME! cause i has no social life

    battlefront 2 beta if my internet works :/
    otherwise dishonored 2 (its so good!)

    Just bought Stardew Valley for the switch yesterday, had never played it before. Tried it out last night, didn't get into it immediately (the long save times drove me nuts!) but it looks promising.

    Maybe try and get past the second level on Golf Story

    Picked up DUSK for PC. It's killer so far, looking forward to the full release on Halloween!

    Other than that, more Starpoint Gemini: Warlords. Such a phenomenal game - I wish it got more attention than it currently has. It totally scratches that Space Game itch, and then some! SG: W + an Italian Disco/Space Synth playlist is pretty much the perfect gaming weekend for me!

    If I get online, I'll probably spend a few hours polishing off the campaign for my Warlock in Destiny 2 and doing their weeklys. That'll be the 3 classes, which will fill a couple of nights each week running through whatever I need to. No rush though.

    Not much else I want to play until Gran Turismo comes out in a couple of weeks.

    Other than that, probably finishing putting together a new PC that I've been putting off and updating 6 months of game updates.

    I won a Steam wallet code from the Geforce facebook group the other day, so I bought Road Redemption. I'm guessing I'll be playing a bit of that, along with a few other things.

      It is a rather fun game but remember it isn't road rash. Most people who disliked the game seemed to go into it wanting a modern remake of road rash. Their are certainly similarities but the core of it is a very different game

        heh yeah I didn't expect it to be exactly the same. I actually kind of like the way it's done from what I've played so far. The permadeath was a bit of a shock to start with, but given you can upgrade stuff kind of Rogue Legacy style, I think it should be pretty decent once I start earning some decent XP.

        Oh. Well damn. I was actually looking at that for a near-future purchase, because I was kind of looking for a modern Road Rash remake. Darn. :(

          I'll see if I can explain in more detail
          There is without a doubt a lot of the core of road rash in the game. I think the primary difference I would put between the two is that in road rash your primary motivation was the racing, while in road redemption is is the combat.
          A lot of the mechanics are designed in a way that guides towards more wanton destruction. Things like regaining health by taking out other riders (actual racers or just other people)
          Obviously the range of weapons (including firearms and explosives) makes this much more predominant.
          Some levels are literal take out X number of the opposing teams riders.
          The racing and control feel very road rash. Hitting a corner at full speed with another racer on your outside, drifting out in the curve only to slam them into a oncoming car always feels great. As does kicking people off bridges.
          But you are much more likely to use a weapon than the kick.
          This might sound overly negative and none of this makes it a bad game. I have over 20 hours of play time and completed the game multiple times during beta phases.
          You will hit some of the buttons you are looking for out of road rash but not all of them.

            Ohhhhh, so what you're saying is that it's actually the BEST part of Road Rash.


    Hopefully will be able to finish off The sexy brutale
    Really loving the game, the right mix of everything for me. Playing with the missus and works well as a discussion based puzzle/mystery game, maybe go here, try this. If you though tit looked good pick it up, it lives up to the promise. If you haven't heard of it go check it out

    My backlog just for games released the past couple of months is ridiculous and its only getting worse and I'm still spending all my time playing Destiny 2! Send help!

    Just started Divinity Original Sin last night (the first one). So that'll probably keep me busy for at least a weekend.

      Thinking of doing a co-op run of this with my kid. He’s just discover D&D so he is primed for something like Divinity.

    Gran Turismo Sport demo should be available this weekend. So hopefully that! Can't wait! Also mixed in with some Uncharted Lost Legacy.

    Also hoping to have some time to play some more Helium Rain.

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    Destiny 2 and Minecraft - trying Sky Factory 3 this time around, which has been interesting. I remember SF2 was a lot more guided, and I think I preferred the way it would force you into certain mods to progress to others, so you'd get a feel for most of them as you progressed through the tech tree. SF3 feels a bit more aimless by comparison.

    I'll probably be running a platoon worth of players in Arma again and fitting in more tweaked Long War in between. I've finally managed to counter a lot of the mod's late game bullshit but I might give the enemies more perks to make up for some of the stuff I've taken away, it seems a bit TOO easy now.

    Project Cars 2 in the rookie formulas, some Original Sin 2, finish off Observer then another 20 hours on Stellaris.

    Had bought Skyrim Enhanced on Xbox One but what was I thinking...

    SteamWorld Dig 2, and maybe Stardew Valley if I get through SD2.

      This is me on SWD2, though with bouts of Picross S in between Steamworld runs. Then back to Mario + Rabbids, starting on Golf Story, oh yeah and Battle Chasers to start also :/. *sigh*

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