What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I can't tell you anything about it just yet, but I can tell you that I'll be spending some time this weekend with this ragey bloke.

I've not spent any time with Kratos, at least not since the original God of War 3 launch. A lot of what I've seen so far has given me a bit of a Horizon: Zero Dawn vibe, but I'll get a chance to see how closely that holds up in person.

Beyond that, it'll be a weekend of cleaning and preparation. Tegan and I have a dreaded house inspection coming up - nothing like having a stranger go through your living space with a fine tooth comb - so my time with favourites, like the delightfully annoying Moira, will be a little minimised.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Divinity 2 until my eyes bleed.

    Monster Hunter World a bit, probably a little R6: Siege, and maybe some PuBG.

    Oh, is God of War 3 out?

    Doesn’t matter. I won’t be playing it. Stupid game tells you what to do, and what button to press, every step of the way. Stupid, silly, dumb game.

    Going to try to play more Nier: Automata. I've heard nothing but great things about it but it just hasn't clicked for me yet, I'll give it some more time though it may just be slow out of the gates.

      I had a similar experience. Give it another bash and it will probably suck you in. I haven't done all the routes yet, but I definitely plan to. It's a great game.

      I didn't get really invested in it until the start of the second route - up to the first ending, it seemed very cliche anime... but I gave a second playthrough a chance, and it sucked me right in. Once I finished the final ending, it ended up being one of my favourite games of all time.

      The middle of the game is definitely the strongest part I found with the beginning acts and ending being somewhat weaker than they should have been. As long as you're not expecting an in depth combat system then I'd recommend just focusing on the main questline story.

    Bloodborne and Far Cry 5. Working my way through the defiled chalice dungeon atm, and am finding the half-health limitation really, really annoying. So I'm using FC5 as a palate cleanser - a game I can just kick back and take over enemy bases with nothing but 12 arrows and a bear.

      I am playing the same! I just reached Blood-starved beast this morning. I left the boss fight for later im the evening.
      And I use FC5 to revel in its chaos and not worry too much abt losing progress. Such a fun game.

        Hey, good luck with BSB! He can be a real pain.

    I have a Warmachine tournament in Melbourne to do tomorrow.

    I'm surprised Kotaku hasn't mentioned about Crusader Kings 2 being free on Steam.

    Jumping back and forth between Monster Hunter World and Far Cry 5 for sure.

    Ni No Kuni 2 for me.

      Same. Gotta ignore the main quest and do every side quest possible to build my sweet city.

      I'm enjoying it immensely. So relaxing - especially in contrast to Far Cry 5 which I'm also playing. Crrrrrrikey!

    Hoping I can eventually play something this weekend. Currently building my new rig. Got 8700K and a 1080ti. Never in my life have I felt this poor

    Pillars of Eternity, between doing my ex’s yards, caring for my sick child and dealing with my girlfriend’s rage. Should be fun.

    Grinding away in Dynasty Warriors Next. I've got all but about 8 of the officer cards and have sibling bonded every officer. I'm only about 1/3 of the way through spouse bonding everyone. That'll take me a good 15-20 hours more I reckon. I have all the sudden events but these fucking bears are doing my head in. I can't seem to encounter them that much, but when I do I can't get the reticule in the right place. SMH.

    Back on Dragon Age Origins. I've just saved the Circle and now have some help to get rid of a demonic possession. Onwards and upwards!

    Mostly going to be punching my way to 65 in Tera. I kind of feel like I want to see if Xeonablade Chronicles 2 is any good though so I may try that out. My impressions were mixed watching other people play through the start.

      Had a lot of fun with xenoblade but the randomly generated blades is a massive pain in the ass. Oh and the lvl 70 monster in the starting zone was a stupid design choice

    Working through the God of War franchise in release order, now playing Chains of Olympus in 3D lol

    I just picked up a new 4K HDR 10 TV, so trying to find any game/blu ray that will help me justify the new tech.

    So far Forza Horizon 3 has been one of the best examples, though I really need to load up (and probably restart) Horizon Zero Dawn as I've heard that's amazing with all the bells and whistles.

    That said I've had heaps of troubles getting my TV PC with a GTX 970 to detect the TV properly. So there'll probably be a deep dive into some obscure forums to get it properly sorted.

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    I get to participate in this, I'm playing games again!

    cont. FC5

    (I know it may not seem original, but I haven't bought a AAA release on release date for eons, so just let me have it this week!)

    Relatives staying with us this weekend, so probably won't get to play much of anything :( Might squeeze in a quick game or two of BF1 when I get home tonight before they arrive....

    Instead of doing the normal thing and waiting for the Spyro collection i have the urge to play it again now, luckily i still have the games on my Vita.

    also Monster Hunter world has its big event on now so i'll get the exclusive stuff from that.

    I may finish The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine DLC this weekend, but there's probably double the amount of hours left than what I really think there is.

    I have been really enjoying the new Sword Art Online: Integral Factor MMO RPG for mobile so i will be grinding that to around level 40-45 this weekend and i also might start Witcher 3 Blood and Wine for the second play through on a harder difficulty. I might if i have time play some Tera for xbox as well, i played the beta and i thought it was very well done for a console MMO.

    I've jumped (pardon the pun) back into Super Mario Odyssey, plus I'm playing through The Witness again on Xbox this time (got about half way on PS4, hoping to do better). I also have Wipeout VR to try. So that. Though if I do that I may never come back to the real world.

    Continuing Fallout New Vegas & mixing it up with a return to Fallout 4 just to mess around with the settlement builder for another 100 hours or so.

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