What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Hello, it's me again, your former Kotaku Editor Mark Serrels, asking you one simple question: what are you playing this weekend?

Me? I'm still Nintendo Switch crazy. If it's on the Switch, I'm playing it.

It's funny, now that I don't really feel the need to stay on top of all the video games all of the time, my habits have changed somewhat. I play a little bit less than before but — interestingly — I tend to spend more time with one game at a time.

Basically I just play games I like and I play them a lot. Which means most of my gaming time this year has been spent with one video game: Breath of the Wild. That and Horizon: Zero Dawn.

But I have sucked the marrow from both those games, so I've been messing around with others: Splatoon 2, Night in the Woods... This weekend I'll probably pick up Sonic Mania, see what the fuss is.


    Started playing PubG during the week so probs be sinking my time into that, also not strictly a game but Im going to an escape room on Sunday with some Gamer Mates.

    I beat Sonic Mania as sonic last night (including getting all the emeralds) and will now begin my Tails Playthrough, then once thats done with all the emeralds i'll move onto Knuckles.

    Got Nier: Automata to get into, seems pretty good so far, lots of attention to detail. Fighting with camera is only issue.

    Playing the PoE white march stuff I never bothered to go back and play after I got the expansions and going to get to the bottom of the mega dungeon this time.

    Also probably play some more rage simulator a.k.a latest Hearthstone decks.

      Camera was plenty irritating for me at the start too, but you do adjust thankfully. It's never perfect, and i'm in no way trying to excuse it/pretend there aren't a few issues there (the game has a few in general) but stick with it and it's one of the better experiences this year for sure (IMO of course).

      Seconding @optimusprimal, if the camera is all that's an issue for you, you'll be fine after not too long and it's well worth it :)

      Still haven't dove into the white March, but that base game is real good. Cad Nua is fantastic too! that is a wonderful dungeon.

    Finally got round to unboxing the Rift last night it arrived 2 weeks ago, so I'll be playing VR games from a couple of bundles on indie gala, but I plan on giving adrift and alien isolation and maybe the serious Sam beta a go.

    Batman season 1. Between this and Until Dawn I'm getting pretty sold on the choose your own adventure style of game.

    Keen for Hidden Agenda and Planet of the Apes.

    Chasing the Junkrat skin in Overwatch. It's all I've played since the event started and all I will play until I get that skin, or enough credits to buy it.

    I started playing Sonic Mania on the Switch, and its actually pretty tough! I'm away this weekend so will take my Switch with me for some more of that and BotW, as well as my 3DS to make some more progress in Xenoblade Chronicles

    Gonna try to play things that aren't Final Fantasy 14. Looking at progressing with my Path of Exile character, or a few rounds of Frontier Defence in Titanfall 2.

    Got in-laws staying this weekend so probably not much. If I get the chance it'll be No Man's Sky and Agents of Mayhem.

    Finally finished Dark Souls 3 which was tremendously satisfying. Definitely want to play it through again, but having done 2 & 3 back to back I fancy a bit of a break.

    Was going to drop money on Agents of Mayhem but reviews have convinced me to wait that one out for a bit. I'm kinda sat waiting for the console version of Pillars (Of Eternity) and Mario Rabbids to drop so a lull for me - to that end, I find myself playing through the original Kingdom Hearts (in the remix collection). Played the heck out of it back in the day, bar a few camera and design issues (3d jumping/platforming SUCKS!) it holds up surprisingly well. Will catty on with that and the odd blast of PES naturally.

    Bought Mirrors Edge: Catalyst the other day so will probably give that a go.

    Dishonered 2. So much fun & what incredible level design. Having the game all patched & only $20 a bonus.

    More Nioh, and some Hollow Knight.

    Hit Way of the Wise on Tuesday night with surprisingly little difficulty, but was ready to call it quits after learning how expensive it would be to continue to upgrade my existing gear to remain relevant. However, I found that ethereal gear can roll a perk that resets upgrade costs on another item, so have been farming ethereals for reforging to get 5 pieces with that affix so I can resume upgrading all my gear. I really hope I'm not forced to use heavier armour, tho... basic enemies hit me for about 150% of my total health, so hope the gear upgrades help against that. I've tried to play at B agility, but it's so damn slow...

    Been playing Nova 111 on the Vita - it's pretty cool real-time/turn-based mash-up. Not quite metroidvania but tending towards that style of game.

    Just started Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on Vita as well. Graphics somewhat dated but otherwise quite enjoying it.

    Downloaded Wolfenstein New Order from the PS Store (all of $7.55...lol) so might give that a whirl.

    Still playing through True Vault Hunter Mode on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which has actually become challenging because I'm not doing any (or many) side-quests.

    Miku Future Tone - why, oh why is there such a massive skill gap between hard and extreme? In PDF/2nd I could do extreme with a healthy amount of challenge, but Future Tone gives me conniptions on most extreme songs, whereas the hard versions are too easy...

    Other: The Witness, HZD Ultra difficulty, SingStar?

    Welp the only thing I've been playing lately has been Overwatch so I guess I'll be playing that. If not then I will be hopefully finishing Thief 2.

    Fallout 4. I promised myself I was going to finish it this time, before I get lost in Destiny 2, in two weeks. I am still not liking my chances.

    After last weekend and this past week... I really just wanna slay some nazi's.

    Yup, Wolfenstein The New Order it is.

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