What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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If Jetstar doesn't cancel my flight thanks to the turd weather right now, I'll be in PAX, hopefully.

That's the plan, anyway. Most of the team is already in town for the opening day of PAX Australia, and I'll be joining the crew from this evening. It'll be taking away from my Destiny 2 grinding (as well as a replay of Shadow of Mordor), but I'll be keen to fill the void with the odd board game or two.

For those attending PAX, what's on your schedule? And for those staying at home, what will you be playing over the weekend?


    Hopefully finishing my Fallout 4 playthrough so i can start a survival one.

      Recommended for survival, grab the "Sleep or Save" mod. Survival mode requires you sleep in a bed to save, but if you don't sleep for at least 3 hours you end up fatigued. That doesn't make sense to me, sleeping in a bedroll on the top floor of an infested factory just to save, so Sleep and Save still requires you save at a bed but you don't have to actually sleep in order to do it.

      I also suggest "Colorful Survival Icons", which will change the colour of the needs icons based on the severity.

      All my other mod recommendations are just general, whether for survival or not, but I'm sure you've got those sorted out already.

    Hopefully Mortal Empires, definitely some classic Metroid and Tarkov.

      Ah! I too will be playing Tarkov if they release the patch. Happy looting!

    I'm off to Tough Mudder Melbourne tomorrow and then have a fully booked out Sunday, so I'll be very sore and tired all weekend.

    If I do get a chance to play anything, I'll finish of the Dishonored story line and get stuck into the DLC. What an absolutely fantastic game!

    It's gonna be a busy one. I picked up my copy of Mario Odyssey this morning, gotta play my weekend league games on FIFA 18, and I'll be playing Destiny 2 on PC as well!

    Playing Borderlands 2 with friends mostly. We're working on the grind to 72 with the intent to go all the way to OP8.

    Outside of that I'm also trying to finish Ar NoSurge.

    Finishing off South Park, then on to TEW2. Have planned out the next 6 weeks to try to get through those two, Wolfenstein, AC:O (pending reviews) and another Nier: Automata playthrough, so that I avoid my normal process of "ooh, shiny new thing" when I'm halfway through something that's starting to drag a little. All before D2's first DLC hits (presumably in early December).

    Outlast II. Also known as "Hiding under the bed s$it scared in totally messed up middle America Simulator"
    Will offset with some Fortnite B.

    Shadow of War, AC Origins and maybe some Cities Skylines.

    I picked up mario odyssey today, so that will be getting a good run this weekend!

    Will try and squeeze in some more Divinity Original Sin on Saturday. Sunday I've got a 3 hour flight to Queensland for a holiday so I'll dust off the Vita and either continue my replay of FFVII or pick one of the other 200 games I've got on there...

    My copy of SMO unlocked at midnight last night, so I thought 'oh, just play twenty minutes, you have work at 7:30 in the morning.' When will I learn? Switched off (pardon the pun) at 4:20am. Suffice it to say work was tough going today.

    Anyway, Odyssey is my weekend, this weekend is my Odyssey. Apart from a brief break to DJ my niece's 13th birthday. I told her she should get someone cooler than me but apparently I qualify. Whatever, hip with the tweens, I'll take it. Actually, come to think of it, I could even play Odyssey while DJing... thank you, portable Switch!

    Might also finish my deliberate plod through the bizarrely fascinating 'What Remains of Edith Finch' for a change of pace from mad-cap (couldn't resist) Mario.

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    Shadow of War (gotta collect 'em all... then make 'em kill each other), Origins if I pick it up (likely) and I'll maybe give animal crossing a go on IOS if my daughter maliciously steals the TV.

    Code Vein, Ni No Kuni II, Detroit among others. PAX is cool :)

    So there's all these awesome games coming out right now - Mario Odyssey looks simply incredible, Wolfenstein is everything I wanted that sequel to be from all reports, Destiny 2 still looks amazing especially on PC, even AC Origins looks tantalising...

    So this weekend, I'm tackling The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

    So far Cuphead! Tomorrow (today is another thing) will get in some Overwatch during Halloween

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