How Dare They Bring Bubsy Back

I have never liked Bubsy the Bobcat. I still don’t. They made a new game starring Bubsy here in 2017. The whole enterprise feels like a precision-engineered insult sponge. I don’t know why I played it. Oh, I know why I played it: To make a video about it.

You can watch me assess the new Bubsy in my video, but let me also prove my Bubsy cred to you for a moment: I was a full-grown junior high school student when Bubsy: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind was released for Super Nintendo and Genesis in 1993. Electronic Gaming Monthly had hyped the game like crazy. They’d said it was as good as Mario and Sonic. I spent some of my hard-earned lawn-mowing money on that game. Electronic Gaming Monthly were a bunch of liars.

Twenty-four years after the release of the first game in the series, there’s a new one. Its subtitle is The Woolies Strike Back. It took the developers 24 years to make the trip from a bad Steven Spielberg reference to a worse George Lucas reference.

I don’t like this game.


  • Shrug. Beats me why anyone would like any of these things. Why did Rayman make it and Bubsy not (until now)? I mean, look at Sparkster, Zool, Cool Spot, James Pond, Aero, Ristar, Bucky O’Hare, Captain Claw, Jazz Jackrabbit…

    How did time decide which of these would make it and which wouldn’t?
    They were all basically the same game.

    • Zool was okaaaay (-ish. From memory anyhow. I’m fine with someone proving me wrong tho) . But yeah, I’ve said it before here that Bubsy was a floaty, janky, piece of kitty krap. The fact somebody fished it outta the litter box and rolled it in 2017 game glitter does no favours to anyone tho.

    • Like I said in my post below (sorry, didn’t see yours until after), I think a lot of the hate comes from Bubsy 3D.

      There is no denying that Bubsy 3D should not have been released. I’ve only seen videos but even then it is clear the state it was in didn’t even count as a engine prototype, let alone a full game.

      Yet it seems because of Bubsy 3D, the whole series is slammed. I played the first game as a kid and it was just a nice, different platformer to Mario Bros.

      I personally wouldn’t mind playing this new game. Maybe it will be a return to form like the first two games.

  • Bubsy was awesome. A*Mazing told me so!
    I got the mega drive version and was disappointed that the sound effects weren’t the same (eg: the sound effect when collecting the balls of wool were different on the snes to the mega drive).

  • Busby was a pile of poo. Like many ‘we need a mascot to compete with sonic’ games, it was shovelware, borderline unplayable.

  • Ooof. I know it’s a platformer, but must every platform be… just that? An actual, little, free floating, barebones platform? The lack of imagination and overall creative vision is staggering.

  • I only really had the first Bubsy game and I never got to far (never could “git gud”), but it isn’t as bad as many claim it to be.

    I personally think many rag Bubsy as a whole due to Bubsy 3D.

  • Sure, it was a clone and not the greatest game but I liked it and had a lot of fun playing the original back in the 90s. It was one of the first SNES games I owned and it really helped me develop my platforming skills (along with SMB All-Stars). No Bubsy hate here.

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