Our First Proper Look At PUBG’s Desert Map

Our First Proper Look At PUBG’s Desert Map

Bluehole Studios showed off PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’s new map Miramar tonight at The Game Awards. The massive desert map features new vehicles and terrain. It’s also probably really hot and sweaty.

Miramar is a larger desert area that’s been teased for some time. The trailer above gives us our first look at the map in action. It’s dusty, with a mixture of ramshackle villages and massive mining complexes. The map will also feature unique vehicles like an off-road pickup truck.

If you’re eager to play, you won’t have to wait long. The map will be available on the game’s test servers tonight at 12 PM EST (4 AM AEDT tomorrow). It will be officially released with the launch of the game’s 1.0 release on December 20th. Additionally, a preview period for the Xbox One port will take place on December 12th.


  • I thought the idea was that the new map was meant to break the current ranged meta? Yet there is so little cover after you leave the dunes and cliffs.

    • Had a similar thought! Appears there’s a fair amount of undulation in the “flat” areas though so should be able to run through low lying areas as a way of staying out of direct line of sight, provided people don’t have an elevated position…. aaaaaand the test server release for the map has been delayed 2 hours… ffs.

      • A sand dune doesn’t help you advance and the elevated sniping spots mean that there are more options than the original map. In the games I watched of it the other day there were very quickly a lot of people rushing loot and then making a b line straight for the hills as they overlook everything. A lack of trees to break line of sight means that there is very little way of making a meaningful push without hoping the person sniping is a potato.

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