The Internet Reacts To D.Va's New Skin

Blizzard is dropping a ton of new skins and a new map for Overwatch today, but D.Va's new cat-themed skin has already captured the internet's heart.

D.Va already has a lot of great skins, but hey, I'm not complaining. I mean, her mech has a tail on it now! That's worth the price of admission.

It seems like the fandom agrees with me, because I'm drowning in a river of fan art and jokes.


    So nobody cares that a Korean character is apparently getting whitewashed, ScarJo style?

    People freaked out that Rin in the Catherine Remake *might* be transgender, and *might* be a negative portrayal of such a character. Can't keep up with this community.

      er what? Because of the blonde hair, yeah no Korean has ever dyed their hair blonde ever... er...

      You've never seen a Korean person dye their hair?

      Last edited 30/01/18 9:30 am

    I think that major reasons Blizzard didn't put D.Va in a bunny outfit are that (1) don't want no potential legal trouble with Playboy Enterprises Inc., and (2) bunny outfits are traditionally seen as objectifying a woman and making her seem subservient.

    Not that I'd have any problem with a D.Va bunny outfit. Make it happen Blizz!

    (Cat one is awesome tho'!)

      Technically, the base MEKA is already a "bunny outfit".

    Havnt played overwatch in months. But I was a dva main with over 500hrs.

    And this outfit is the best!

    Baby Metal DVa?

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