Geralt Vs Chuck Norris

This fun little video - which stars the world's best Witcher cosplayer, along with help from Geralt's voice actor Doug Cockle - sees our hero face one of his most dangerous opponents yet.

I don't know how the TV series is ever going to match this sort of content.


    Way to spoil the big surprise in the title of the article.

    Fantastic journalism.

    umm is there supposed to be a link to the full thing or is it just the gift? because i cant see a link to this video in the article apart from the link to an article from aug 2017

    Dear internet,

    Please stop doing the Chuck Norris thing. It's not funny. It was never funny. It was possibly briefly funny when it was Vin diesel jokes on Something Awful in 2004. But that was a long time ago and Chuck Norris is human garbage who should never be promoted.

    For real, please stop.


    Your loving Pokedad

      Unpopular opinion!
      But yeah that shit got old 10 years ago. OVER A DECADE.

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