If You Have Too Much Money, Here's A 'Super Mario Cheetos' For Over $19,000

Image: eBay

There are some strange and wonderful things in this world. Especially if you have too much money.

One such rarity: a supposed "one of a kind" cheetos that, for whatever reason, came out in the shape of Mario from Super Mario Bros.

For reference, here's a shot of Mario with his fist in the air. You can kind of see the resemblance:

I don't know that I'd pay $US15,000 (~$19226) just for the similarity, though. Still, you can buy all sorts of crazy junk if you're insane. There's a cheeto for $US100,000 that someone desperately wants you to believe looks like Harambe. Here's another that looks like it might have come out of Karateka.

Alternatively, you could just buy a bag of Cheezels. Firstly, because they're still available in Australia. And secondly, they're better.


    yeah pretty sure only one of these was a legit vain attempt to rip someone off and the the other "RARE CHEETOS OMG" ebay listings are all just taking the piss at this point.

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