PUBG Bots And Pirate Crew Problems:  The Week's Hottest Game Topics

We have Fortnite, PUBG, Luigi's wiener and Star Wars on this week's video news roundup. There are a couple of jokes in here. I'll leave it to you to decide which of my words are jokes and which are just creatively worded facts.

In Kotaku XP, Gita Jackson and I discuss the top Kotaku stories of the week for around 30 seconds each.

I got a haircut before filming this episode! If you don't like my haircut, you are probably going to tell me.

Here are the stories we discuss this week, in the reverse of the order we discuss them!

Sea Of Thieves Servers Weren't Prepared For So Many Players

It was anything but smooth sailing for yesterday's global launch of Sea of Thieves, as the game's servers struggled to keep up with a massive influx of new pirates. Players were plagued by problems connecting to the game, random disconnects and matchmaking errors. At one point, developers had to temporarily suspend new players joining the game.

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A Way Out Is A Must-Play

The co-op prison break game A Way Out dropped yesterday, and it's a marvel we'd recommend to any two people who are up for playing a six-hour game together. We highly recommend you go into it blind, just knowing that it's an adventure made for two players and does some smart, creative things. If you need some convincing, here's some impressions from the two staffers who played, and loved, it.

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Ni No Kuni II: The Kotaku Review

It can be difficult, as a jaded adult, to appreciate a great fairy tale - one where the hero always wins and naivety is a character strength rather than something to grow out of. So it is with Ni no Kuni II. But if you can look past this game's more childish tendencies, you'll find a fairy tale worth experiencing.

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Nintendo Reveals The 10 Best-Selling Indie Games On Switch

Players of indie games on Switch are driven in great part by 'nostalgia' Nintendo said today at a Game Developers Conference event at which it revealed the top 10 best-selling Switch indie games, a list that includes Celeste, Stardew Valley, and Shovel Knight.

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It's Time For Game Developers To Unionise

Recently, in a small room inside the massive Moscone Center meeting complex, roughly 200 people crowded around a large table to conduct a challenging conversation about working in the video game industry. There was a single microphone, chauffeured from person to person by a sprinting staffer working the Game Developers Conference, which is running in San Francisco. Most people began talking before the mic got to them. Raucous banging, presumably from construction nearby, drowned out many attendees' comments.

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Bowser Is Only 1.2 Metres Tall, Judging By Luigi's Penis

Thanks to this promotional image for the upcoming Mario Tennis Aces, an intrepid fan figured out how big Luigi's dick is. Let's use their maths to figure out the sizes of other Mario objects and characters.

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EA Finally Unlocks Every Hero In Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2's new update overhauls the game's loot box laden progression system. One of players' biggest complaints since before the game was even officially out was how hard it was to unlock iconic characters such as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. A new patch finally unlocks every hero character in the game.

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What's Really Going On With All Those Hacked Fortnite Accounts

In small fits and spurts, a Fortnite hacker typed out some sentence fragments over Discord. "maybe tomorrow / i get a letter / from epic games / holy fuck / paying 25k for fraud." What if, after a month of lucrative work, Epic Games shut him down with a firm letter from their lawyers? There was a pause before he added, "kek," memespeak for "lol."

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An Overwatch Pro Is Turning The Game's Zen Monk Into A Vicious Killer

Overwatch's healer-monk Zenyatta floats cross-legged while delivering voice lines like "embrace tranquility" and "be one with the universe." He was a frail, peace-loving healer, it seemed - until Sung-hyeon "JJonak" Bang's January debut in the Overwatch League.

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The Paul Brothers' Attempt To Bandwagon Fortnite Turns Messy

Infamous YouTuber Logan Paul started a Twitch channel yesterday, and he reached 100,000 followers without streaming once. If you go to the channel right now, the chat alternates between spamming racial slurs and ascii penises. Following the Fortnite bandwagon has turned into a mess for the Paul brothers.

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PUBG Mobile Players Are Pretty Sure The Game Is Full Of Bots

PUBG Mobile released worldwide yesterday, and it's pretty awesome. But between my own string of victories and the countless chicken dinners on social media, it sure feels like things are too easy.

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    Still cringy. The forced humor is the biggest problem. Theses people TRY to be funny, but they just come off as nerds trying to be funny, rather than ACTUALLY funny.

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