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    So Tiglet has "The snots are coming" so I got no sleep this weekend
    Either resting on her floor trying to get her to sleep, having her kicking and pushing me in my bed or one morning being forced out of bed so she could get some sleep so she would enjoy the party.
    At least she is cuddly

      Cuddly ftw!
      Though, the snotty part could be hazardous.. hope you don't catch anything as a result!

    Howdy TAYbies!
    Some of you who follow me on twitter are likely already aware of my situation, so apologies if you know already.
    I've been in a bit of a bad way of late health wise. Well... perhaps more like the last 2 years, but the initial issue is at least resolved. Just unfortunate that as soon as they fix one thing, something else seems to happen.
    Not long after I'd had my cyst removed, I began getting bad stabbing pains in my stomach at night. After a long wait (during which time I guess it got worse), I went in for an op, and they found I had gastric ulcers. This resulted in me not being able to eat very much, and put on a long course of meds to help heal it. I think it's finally starting to get a bit better, but it seems that I now have bigger issues. My haemoglobin count keeps dropping. Normal count is 135. When it drops to 70-80, they give people blood transfusions. When they checked mine, it was 44!
    They're still not sure of the actual cause, but investigations continue to find out. At the moment the possible causes are internal bleeding and kidney or liver related issues (or a combo?) This was likely compounded by the fact I have been unable to eat much for the past 6 months, and also the meds they put me on after the op, apparently stop my body absorbing iron :|
    I now have to have a bunch more tests/scans, and one in particular is not bulk billable, and due to not having worked for 2 yrs, i'm broke AF. So as much as it pains me to do so, I have no option but to beg and plead for assistance, as the test is going to cost around $500 :\
    Following that, I will also have to have at least one operation, and possibly another following that. Not sure if either will cost me yet, but knowing my luck...

    Don't feel bad if you can't contribute or anything. I'm just posting this for extra exposure to increase my chances. Never know your luck.
    If anyone is able to assist, i can accept donations via paypal, buymeacoffee, or if you want to help but need another method by which to do so, just msg me and I'm sure I can figure something out!
    Since I don't think I can post 2 links in one post, I'll go with
    The buymeacoffee link is "" (hopefully that doesn't trigger moderation..)
    Sorry to start off the week with a bad news post. Hope all of you are still doing well though!

      2% down, 98% to go! Sorry I can't chip in more - my partner isn't working at the moment and living on a single income in a big city sucks!

        Many thanks indeed! Every bit helps! I also understand the pain of living on a single income in a big city. Especially since my only income atm is Sickness benefit from Centrelink. After paying my rent and electricity each fortnight, I'm left with a whopping $30 to live on for the fortnight :\ Hence my dilemma..
        Muchly appreciate your kindness though! One small step closer to getting myself repaired!

      Sid still isn't doing too well so I'm afraid I have to save up for that. ($1000 a knee!).
      All I can say is, man, you really pissed off someone in a previous life.

        lol You have no idea how often I wonder what the hell I did! ;)
        Hope all ends up well for Sid too! Sucks to see puppers in pain :(

      hey man, sucks to hear... where you at with your fundraising?

        So far I'm up to about $40.
        I thought about setting up a gofundme page to keep track of it, but from memory, it charges bigger fees or something, so I didn't bother for now.

        I also setup this during my live stream the other week.
        I believe it may allow people to use credit cards to donate as well as other methods? I think it all just gets sent directly to my paypal account too. Haven't used it before, but figured I would add it as another potential option and see what happens!

          just a small boost to get you going man.... hope it helps.

          how you going on twitch? many followers?

            hehe I just dm'd you in twitter to say thanks as I got an sms notifying me!
            Many thanks indeed! It will certainly help a lot!

            As for twitch, I haven't streamed on there for ages! (In fact I think I only did it once when I was playing some of Risen 3!) The stream I was referring to in my post was on Youtube. I did it there as I started a channel there at the end of last year to do some vids about my 3d printing, but then I got sick again, and dislocated my rib, which essentially left me unable to print what I was working on, as I need to move my projector, but I can't do it with my rib the way it is. Should be able to get back to it in a week or two though I reckon. Provided of course I don't aggravate it again ;)
            I was thinking about doing some streams on twitch though, or possibly both platforms. Not sure which is best tbh. I kind of feel like twitch is more appropriate for streaming gameplay, but no idea if anyone would even want to watch me play!

          PayPal accepts credit cards. It requires an account though.

            mm yeah, I think from what I've read, steamlabs may allow direct transactions with no account? I've had a few people in the past want to send me money, but didn't have paypal, so figured more options couldn't hurt!

      Just gonna drop a vague thanks here for the donation I woke up to this morning! You know who you are! I don't want to identify them in case they don't want it revealed, but thanks! It puts me another step closer! :)

      Arrived home from my next round of blood tests to find my car rego renewal in the mail.
      Le sigh. Kill me now plz k thx

      I've been watching your 3D Printing adventures on your youtube channel, with your big SLA printer from Gizmo3D.
      If you are well enough to do some printing, maybe I could increase your coffers and pay you for a few resin prints? I'm keen to see how the Gizmo is working these days compared to the one I was using.
      Which one of these did you end up buying?

        That would be ace! (Small correction though, it's DLP, not SLA - no lasers).
        Thanks for checking out my vids too! I've been wanting to make more, but the project I was working on requires me to move my projector, and since dislocating my rib, I haven't been able to do it. I reckon I might be able to this week though if all remains stable!
        Depending on what you want printed (and how big,) will determine when I can start on it. If it's not too big, I can possibly start anytime, but if it's bigger than my current projection area, I may not be able to start it til the end of the week.
        As for which printer I got, I went with the small frame (the Gizimate.) but I got a larger vat that isn't normally sold with that model.
        Since the guy who makes them is local to Brisbane, I was able to go out and chat to him before purchasing, so that helped a lot, and I've also been helping out with certain aspects of the development and testing as he doesn't have any other local customers.
        If you have a model in mind that you want printed (and an idea of size etc), let me know, and we can definitely sort something out. Feel free to email me details and or the file if you want too. Unless it's too big of course. welbot at polycount dot com. I think my email can handle up to 10mb attachments from memory. If it's bigger than that, might have to upload to some cloudspace somewhere.

          What is your current projection size area?
          It is a model of the Alien queen and eggs from the movie Aliens. I want to compare a print to the printers I am currently using.

            mm if memory serves correctly, it's currently set at 100mm long, so width I think would be about 50-60mm?
            Is the model all one piece, or can the alien and eggs be printed separately?

              One piece probably, I've bounced you an email

                replied! (before reading this!)

                  I'm just finishing the model up now, I think I might make it in pieces to remove the support burden.

                  @poita Sounds good! Can't wait to see it! Given you have some experience with printing/this printer, are you including the supports in the mesh? Doesn't bother me either way, just figured I'd ask since you mentioned them. I use mesh mixer to do tree supports at the moment.

      Not sure if the person is a Kotaku person or not, but just in case, big thanks to Plasma Nerd!
      Received a donation from them this morning, which pushed me to 2/3's of the way to covering the forthcoming expenses! Still a little ways to go yet, but that was a fantastic surprise start to my week, and a big help! Think I might just about have enough for the medical test now (if not, I'll be extremely close!)

    So after playing through Destiny 2 and unable to find anybody willing to do any raids or whatever, I got the itch to do some raiding. So I got the FF14 expansions on a sale and started back up. Apparently before the expansions they released some mandatory story missions before you can play the DLC.

    and man are they some of the most dull missions I've ever encountered. Especially annoying that it's after the original game, so having me do fetch quests is just a waste of my time. My character has fought Gods, even defeated a machine that itself was capable of easily killing Gods. Why am I delivering bottles to NPCs?

    The dungeons and raids are pretty fun. Although the 24 man raid just further proves a problem I've had with the game, the more players there are, the easier it is. I feel like I make no difference in regular 8 man missions, I barely feel like I'm even there.

    At least the Extreme trials are fun.

    I just need to proclaim that I finally finished Persona 5! I picked it up at launch and have been consistently chipping away at it ever since. I've played through both 3 and 4 on my Vita, but this is the first time I've finished such a long game that wasn't on a hand-held that I could play on my commute.

    I think I need to put some shorter games ahead in my list as a pallet cleanser before diving into the three long games on my PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn/Final Fantasy XV/Neir Automata

    I'm a dad now.
    Hands down the most intense and surreal experience of my life.

    We should have him home by next week and I've never been so excited and terrified, though none of that seems to matter when I'm with him.

      w00! Congrats! A mate of mine just became a dad for the second time last week too! Babies everywhere!!

      I have four girls, and parenting has been the hardest, but sometimes most rewarding gig of my life. I really feel like I only now have the hang of it, so at least might get number 4 right :)

      My only advice, time is the most important thing you can give to them. Read them stories each night, talk to them in the day and be 100% there when you do spend time with them. I don't always manage this, but in my experience, they want your time, and benefit from it more than anything else, or anything you could buy them.

      Congrats and well wishes that Mum and Bub are well.
      Hope you have been taking care of yourself as well as the other 2.

      The biggest piece of advice I could give outside of enjoy the time is when somebody offers to help take them up on it. Parents in law are over and say we will stay with Mum, you go get some sleep just go. Don't act proud, don't pretend you can do it all easily. Just say thanks and go. Same for washing or cooking or whatever.

        Yeah, absolutely take help when offered. Remember it is also a kindness to the person offering help, as it makes them feel good too.

    So I decided to check out the Contain Deposit Scheme today here in NSW, so collected up about 350 or so bottles & cans (mostly rejects from home brewing) all were accepted but 3, 2 of them didn't have the CDS on them at all (as they were a cider from a winery brand) & one apparently has not bought into the CDS in NSW yet. But hey, I got close to $40 to spend at Woolies which was a win, bought dinner & a few other things. It's well worth saving anything with the 10 cents on it I guess. Only took about 20 minutes of work to get that $35, so the hourly rate isn't too bad!

      Makes me wish we had that up here. Would certainly be handy for me at times like now! Always wondered why SA has always been the only state to offer 5c for the return of cans or bottles (can't recall if it's one or both?) while the rest of us missed out. Good to see they're expanding the concept, albeit a little differently.

        Come July it'll be put into place I am told. Probably the same corrupt version we have run by CCA & Woolies with the state gov't.

        Always wondered why SA has always been the only state to offer 5c for the return of cans or bottles (can't recall if it's one or both?)

        From memory (while I was born there, I've spent most of my life elsewhere), it applies to both.

        But if I recall correctly, that 5c return is also on the cost of the product itself. For example, if a bottle costs $1 in Victoria, it costs $1.05 in SA.

        It's the same methodology as used with trollies and the gold coin.

          Would still be good to have, cos no doubt not everyone would bother taking them in, so you could probably find a lot around that people have tossed, thus not costing you anything.

          Yeah our $6 24 pack of 600ml woolies water went up to $8.40, still $6 over the border 5 minutes away & the CDS applies to those bottles down here because it is a national barcode.

          Basically everything went up 10c per container where applicable or in some cases like Red Bull, 30c a can, $2.70 to $3...

            I can understand upping it by 10c if you can get your 10c back, but 30c! Sounds like the only people Red Bull's giving wings to is their damn share holders!

              That's CCA for ya! They get the 10c back + the admin fee & then a little extra profit on top!

    I am making a tutorial. A cosplay one.
    A splatoon cosplay one.

      Nice design/layout of the tutorial so far! I think it could good to include some pictures throughout the process though. Have you actually made the hat yet?
      Also, have you heard of ?
      Could be a good place for you to upload the tutorial to get some more exposure!

        I don't really have time to make 6 different squid hats, or even one. I've made 4 in the past and people wanted an idea of where to start to make their own

          Didn't mean to make all 6 :D
          Just thought it might be good to take some pics to illustrate the things you describe in the steps for one of them. I'm sure many of the steps would be similar for each hat any way, just slightly different design.

            Aside from the base of the hats, they are different =P

              Still, I'm sure the general concept of making them would have common principles shared among them.

                Maybe. But if I am taking photos, the tutorial will never get done.

                  As it is based somewhat on a simplicity pattern, I don't think photos are really necessary.
                  I like it so far, keen to see the rest of it!

                  In a bizarre turn of events, I was clearing out my sewing table to get ready to give this a go, and I already had the kids sized pattern in the drawer. Woot!
                  Saves me a trip to Spotlight :) I bought it a few years ago to make some animal hat thingies for the kids and never got around to it, and totally forgot I had the pattern.

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a cheap/simple PC for my mum. Last time I got her a basic HP desktop from Harvey Norman, but I'm wondering if you guys have a better solution?

      How much are you looking to spend? Usually you're better off building your own, depending on how confident you are with that sort of stuff.

      Also - what's she using it for? Does she need peripherals or are you just after a new tower?

        Thanks. I'd like to spend about $400. I don't need screens, mice, etc since I brought her that stuff a year or two ago. Right now I just want to get her up and running again. It doesn't need to be great. Just something that will run Windows 10 relatively smoothly with a few browser tabs, Facebook, YouTube and Candy Crush open. Her tablet would do it all but I've given up on trying to convince her to use it.

        As for building my own I find that's the best option for me since I know how to maintain a computer, but I really want to just set and forget this. I live nowhere near mum so it's really hard for me to solve any issues. I'd set up remote access, but her internet connection is the problem most of the time. I'm super busy at work so I probably don't have the time to build anything anyway.

          For that price pre-build is the way to go.
          You might be able to switch some parts if you want a better hardware if you are lucky.

          Maybe setup a profile without admin access for them to use so they can't install extra stuff accidentally

            Standard procedure is to make an admin account and not tell her the password. It causes a lot of arguments but it easily triples the lifespan of her computers. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who doesn't really know what they're doing.

            @cffndncr That looks interesting. Can the RAM be upgraded?

            @negativezero I don't think I'd go under 8GB. More RAM equals less calls. I feel gross buying from Harvey Norman but that does look like the one to buy.

            Thanks again guys.

              You'd have to check into it but it might be possible to crack it open and upgrade the RAM yourself. Not uncommon with PCs like that. It might be DDR3 SO-DIMMs (i.e. Laptop memory) though which are a little bit of a pain to source

              Yeah, if you check out the specs at the bottom of the page it says it's got 2x SO-DIMM DDR3 slots, so you could throw in another 4GB chip for ~$60. It also only has 32GB of onboard memory, but it's got an extra 2.5" bay so you can throw in a 1TB HDD for another $50-60.

              I find that alot of non tech-savvy people (e.g. my parents) go nuts for these tiny PCs. They're also handy because next time you upgrade, it's super easy to convert this one into a living room multimedia unit, and they're already familiar with using it so it's basically win-win.

          $400 will definitely make it hard to build something competitive. You might be able to upgrade components in what she already has, but I think you want a pre-built one.

          (Yuck, Hardly Normals etc I know but...) this isn't terrible:

          Lenovo stuff isn't bulletproof the way it used to be back when it was IBM, but the benefit here would be that it's got an intel processor (Celeron isn't great, but low-end AMD processors are *nasty* and they tend to be what you find in the all-in-ones because of the supposedly better GPU). The only real issue is the lack of RAM - 4gb is bare minimum for a Win10 machine IMO, I'd prefer to see 8gb.

          If you were willing to spend a bit more, I'd suggest Dell. Their lower-end Inspiron desktops are very reliable and usually have good hardware in them, plus Dell has very good support.

          Honestly, grab a HP elite 8300 off ebay, and stick a 1050 low profile card in it.
          Those computers are designed to run 24/7 and are bulletproof, they run Windows 10 without a hitch, are small, quiet and use almost no power. You can usually get one with Win10 on it for around $200, add a 1050 and you have a erally capable, quiet machine.
          I've installed tens of them around town in the last couple of years, and they never skip a beat. Throw a small SSD in there if you want them to fly.

    I'm kinda glad I stopped playing Bloodborne back in April 2015 when I got to Amelia after trying and failing to beat BSB for hours. I restarted about a week ago upon hearing about it being on PS+ this month, and I think I must've just adapted to Nioh's speed with dual swords... Bloodborne actually feels slow by comparison. Thus far the hardest (boss) fight has been...

    well, Cleric Beast, if deaths are anything to go by. Must've died to him 6 or 7 times... Gascoigne died on the second try, BSB on the third, Amelia on the second, the Witch of Hemwick on the first (how did I have so much trouble with her in 2015?)... even beat the first bagman I came across. Worked my way through Forgotten Woods last night, which was terrifying, and opened the path to what looks to be the boss arena - I'm certain that had I got past Amelia back in 2015, this area would've scared me off the game forever - those snake people are so hard to read, and they hit so hard...

    So I ended up buying an Apple Watch the other day. So far it's awesome. Damn Apple & their ecosystem working together so well.

    It's finally happened! I watched the remaining episodes of Futurama!

    While I had seen snippets over time (thanks Channel 7 for doing a Fox and constantly moving the time slot during my high school days!), I never watched all seven seasons.

    And now that I have, there is only one thing left to do.....

    [Camera pans over to TNG boxset before snapping back to me]

    Watch Futurama again but with the commentary track!

      I just finished watching TNG back to back. So good...

      ... because we all know Picard>Kirk

        I'm not gonna lie, I started Star Trek with TNG mostly because it had Patrick Stewart in it.

        I went by actor stock and wasn't disappointed.

        Sorry, @weresmurf. But Picard beats Sisco any day.


          I grew up with Janeway, but even before Riker grew his beard I knew that TNG was going to be the better show. I'd caught TNG episodes here and there, but had never watched the full series end to end. Glad I finally did though, it is definitely worth it.

          Maybe at negotiating but Sisko hands down kicks the crap out of the English Frenchman :P

            Nope. If it came down to fists, Sisko would soon learn that resistance is futile.


              Naw, Picards just a robot, a drone. Sisko's a *god* :P

              He'll just get the Prophets to go back, bang Picards Mum in place of his Dad and create Anti-Picard instead ;D

                [The following post contains a hint]

                I don't think the architecture of the universe is that lacking.


                  Be careful now, we'll end up in the Abrams'verse... *shudder*


                  Does what you posted have something to do with the newer movies and Discovery?

                  My last post was a gag indicating where I am with TNG.

                  Like I said before, once I'm done with DS9 and the TNG movies I'll calling it quits as I think that's enough Star Trek for me.

              Discovery is "prime universe", Abrams is the weird alternate universe where all preset rules and ideas are topsy turvy.

    Oooh, Bloodborne's Old Hunters DLC is 65% off on Australia PSN at the moment - $10.45. @adamwells

      Looks like they're doing a big sale on DLC. Thanks for the heads up.

    Was the sidebar on this site always on the left hand side? Could have sworn it was on the right before...

      That seems like the sort of thing that I should have the answer to.

        I'm 90% sure that it's swapped sides. The content doesn't line up properly with the three image icons at the top of the page any more either.

        But I may be wrong as well, due to insomnia I haven't slept in about 36 hours and haven't had a full night's sleep in about five days so I am sitting at work at 4pm and tripping balls from fatigue.

          Change is always scary, and sometimes annoying. I have a white box around the sidebar in my browser, and not really a fan of the endless scrolling front page. I preferred having a next page button.

            I *loathe* the current trend in website 'design' where they stick a 'related' article right below the one you're reading rather than have them on two separate pages. I bet that's what they're doing though. Which will be the death knell for this site for me, I'll swap back to Kotaku US.

              I'll swap back to Kotaku US.

              About that. I tried to view the US version of Kotaku and Gizmodo and kept getting redirected back to the Aus site.

              I had to use a VPN to get there. And how about this, Gizmodo US still has comments.

                Alternatively, seems to work fine without a VPN.

                Do we still have radio silence on why Gizmodo AU's comments are gone?

    Sup? I think i'm on day 5 of owning this Apple Watch, so far i've gotten 2 & a half days out of the battery, with moderate use, which is impressive. It sort of seems accurate tracking my fitness, i'm not entirely sure it's tracking km's walked that accurately, but it might be, I don't really know. But god it's so handy not having to pull my phone out to see what notification that was or for Apple Pay.

      I think the best thing about it is using your phone less.

        Yeah I am & I love it & when I am at home & not on the PC I use my MacBook Air, so all I really need my phone for is Snapchat & Instagram, I can send messages from my Mac which is just the best & do basically everything else there, and I can even make & receive calls on the watch, so yeah.. Not that I want to, but it's a good feature.

    @poita I am still working on the tutorial. I'm doing two mini tutorials that are required for nearly all the squid hats first

      Cool. I won't be tackling it until next month now, I have some work to do on a Dirk Gently costume that will be tying the machine up until then, but I will be all squid after that :)

        I haven't worked on it at all. /o\ I had been working on badge designs. I have also been unwell for ages

    My laptop of 12 years finally died, I think a circuit between the power supply/battery and MB has fried due to heat. I won't be able to tell without tools as I'm abroad atm.

    RIP Lenovo Y560P, I was surprised you could run Vermintide 2.

      Damn that blows. :( Sucks when old workhorses finally kick the bucket.

    Finally decided to give Fortnite a go, and I am truly hopeless at it :)
    Is there any mode where you can run around and practice?

      I think its just the game itself, unless you buy the (largely unsupported) PvE part of the game. Which I'm not even sure would help with the basics anyway.

      One stream I saw a while ago summed the issue up pretty well though. The guy had 500 wins at the time (would be over 2k now) and said simply that it took dozens of goes before he even made a Top 10.

      In short, you're gonna suck while you learn the layout, basics, harvesting, building, etc, and just constantly get shot. Suck it up, get into the next game, and try to do that little better. Aim for Top 75, then Top 50, Top 25, and so on.

      You'll get there, you just need to play.

        I get in the top 5 regularly, but only by hiding :)
        It is the combat that I just can't get right, but I am also on a pretty laggy setup, so that probably also isn't helping.

          Maybe try some squad play, or the chaos of the tilted towers? They'd be the closest I can immediately think of for training.

          If the problem is the shooting side, you either need to get deep into the shooting to learn the hard way (tilted towers), or have help alongside you to cover your crappiness (duo/squad/etc).

    Taking a break from Bloodborne's main game as I'm pretty sure I have between 0 and 2 bosses left before it kicks me into NG+, so I'm currently doing some chalice dungeons before I attempt the first DLC boss, who I hear is notoriously difficult.

    Ugh, Rom is such an annoying fight... at least the dungeon version gives you some cover while you deal with the adds, but the smaller arena means that they cover the entire arena. If you don't have the damage to take her out in the first phase, it's just clearing adds for three minutes, damaging a (mostly) defenseless boss for 15 seconds, and repeat. Oh well, hopefully I won't have to fight her again until NG+... *crosses fingers*

    OK, I've been doing some reading of late but I'd like to see what the PC guru's here have to say.

    Last year, I chased down a sound card mostly so I could get games to output an actual surround signal and not a fake one from the stereo. And yes I know of DPLII, a lot of these "virtual surround" technologies don't even go that far.

    But to save some headaches down the track (I'm talking maybe a couple of years from now) I'm thinking of making my next sound device a external DAC and just connect to an amp or whatever.

    That background out the way, what is the opinion here about external DAC? Mature or still a long way to go?

    Just trying to see if at least there is Dolby Digital: Live support as it seems most external DACs are for audiophiles listening to Pink Floyd at its best (nothing wrong there!) or gamers who use headphones.

    It's not clear to me if there is a DAC that outputs (even via SP/DIF) a multi-channel surround signal.

    I will admit though, even if surround isn't there the ability to just plug in via USB if I get a new system is starting to become a huge draw card.

    As usual, my thanks in advance.

      Dolby apparently won't license out their shit for DAC use, they want to sell it to you in a receiver. So instead what you want to do is decode the Dolby formats in your PC and just use a DAC that decodes Linear PCM, which also happens to be cheaper.

      Trouble is for multi-channel a good DAC like that will set you back literally thousands.

      A less good one like this:

      Can be picked up for around $250 US. Don't know if they work in Australia though.

      I just use my on board sound card with an optical out cable to my z5500's for DTS etc. Works a treat. I also have the analogue plugged in, and can easily switch between the two via the control pod from my speakers.

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