What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Whenever you've been on a long holiday, especially one without internet access, there was always one thing I was going to miss: games.

Before Tegan and I left on a cruise for the South Pacific, we'd gotten back into Overwatch quite heavily. And something I've been enjoying in particular is the ridiculous amount of utility with Moira, who seems to generally be good in just about every scenario.

A capable damage dealer and healer - it's very easy to keep her heal charged thanks to the range on her beam - with a great escape mechanism, there's very few instances where Moira can't excel. Provided you don't fade directly into enemy territory, or screw it up by walking into a wall, it's not too hard to stay alive for long periods while continuing to support the team.

Doomfist's combos can be a pain in the arse, although provided you keep your distance you should be OK. Beyond that, I'll probably finish off A Way Out as well.

What are you playing this weekend?


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    Enjoying Unravel at the moment. Cool platforming with trajectories and swinging, along with some nice calming music and homely environments.

    Still grinding away in Dynasty Warriors Next - I want to get all my officers to be buddies with each other and marry each other, and find all the alternate costumes. Then I think I'll give it a rest.

    probs a mix of

    Sea of Thieves
    Monster hunter world

    Overwatch (BRIGITTE IS SO FUN!) and Ni No Kuni II once it comes out. I also want to bake a loaf of bread so my risk of getting RSI in my wrists is p high this weekend.

    Finishing my extra playthroughs of Oxenfree, and then maybe starting Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

    Finally finishing off Prey.. Great game I'm really enjoying it. Late game when you get alien powers you can have a lot of fun.

    Otherwise doing my usual and pottering around in Fallout 4

    More Bloodborne. Been sitting at the 0-2 bosses left depending on which ending I choose stage Since Saturday, and have been spending a little time each night working through the chalice dungeons. Finished Lower Pthumeru dungeon last night, so tossing up between starting the Ailing Loran dungeon or tackling the first DLC boss for tonight.

    Will probably hop into MHW again, as well, and see what Jho's like.

    Hopefully finishing Cuphead - one more boss on island III which is the junkyard Dr. robot guy, then the finale. Probably will go back and replay for better scores, expert, pacifist, as far as my aptitude will take me. Such a great game, everything everyone's being saying about it and more. I thought Odyssey was my 2017 GoTY, but I might have to rethink that.

    Just started Celeste. Too early to talk about...

    I've also got Far Cry 4 and Doom on the back-burner.

    Monster Hunter World. Just haven’t had the time to devote the hundred or so hours required to “git gud” at it, but I want to!

    Also think I need some more Fractured Butt Whole in my life. About to fight my way to the strip club...

    New Pillars of Eternity playthrough I started yesterday, figured a refresher and a good carry over character was needed for the new game coming out in May.

    Playing Fallout New Vegas for the first time. I've modded the game up the wazoo & stress tested it for any crashes last night. All ready to go for once I get home from work tonight.

    Keen to try out Brigitte out in overwatch. Other then that downloaded a heap of old shooters so gonna go down memory lane see if they hold up.

    Reposting this, as my initial comment has been in moderation hell for the last two hours:

    An update to Adventures in Backlog: a 2017 story:
    I've now finished Silent Hill 3. The more the series leans on the cult theme, the weaker it is (a shame, because I love a good cult story). But there were some really good small moment in that game.

    Quickly played through Stories Untold. Something I'd recommend picking up in a Steam sale is you want something you can play through in one session. Any game that makes me break out the pen and paper to solve puzzles makes me happy.

    Now trying to get through Final Fantasy VIII. I care not for this combat system. Linking the amount of spells you have to your character buffs means that you never want to use spells. I've turned on 9999 damage mode and now I'm treating it like a graphic novel. I would not be able to spend 100 hours in this game. Just passed the orphanage twist, it's quite melodramatic, not sure how I feel yet. Will keep on going though

      Quickly played through Stories Untold. Something I'd recommend picking up in a Steam sale is you want something you can play through in one session. Any game that makes me break out the pen and paper to solve puzzles makes me happy

      Just payed that game yesterday. As my prior posts show, I'm not a horror person but the game was worth the effort.

      Won't give too much away to other readers, but the twist at the end pretty much nullifies any tension in future play-throughs and makes it a sad experience (in my eye).

        I thought the last chapter was the weakest one as I wasn't 100% sold on the payoff, but everything else (especially chapters one and three) was amazing, and really some of my favourite video game experiences I've had this year.

    Just the last of Observer to finish off, then might check Here they Lie on PSVR.
    A Way Out has come out of nowhere for me and looks great, will line that up with a bud over Easter for some co-op, prison break, buddy movie action.

    Just bought Nier Automata, so will probably give that a go.

      brilliant, gosh, one of those few games where I tried the beta and it didnt do much for me but just got thoroughly intrigue by people talking it up so much so took a risk on it... then I played, it was everything they were saying and more, what a fun ride.

    Really not sure, just got the NBN so can actually access my steam catalogue with ease for once (before had 8mbps max speed)

    Have been playing Dragon age Inquisition but it just isnt grabbing my attention, its ok in short bursts but story is boring i just hammer X to skip through everything.

    Might get total war warhammer 2 if i can find it for cheap or play the original again.

    I really just want a fin mindless RPG or good one like the witcher, just let me explore and level up my guy dont force boring story down my throat

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