Community Review: Xbox’s Backward Compatibility

There haven’t been a whole lot of new releases in the last fortnight, but there’s been some very good reasons to revisit old games. Especially if you own an Xbox.

The 4K update for Red Dead Redemption recently gave everyone a sharp reminder of how far the BC program has come. Because while you can pop in any Xbox 360 disc into your Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X, the ability to enjoy the game at vastly better resolution with other quality-of-life tweaks … it changes an awful lot.

The Xbox One still holds up pretty well, and even a ton of fire effects everywhere doesn’t stop that native, 4K 30 FPS performance. And it’s fantastic that games like RDR look as good as they do, because it helps alleviate some of the problem the Xbox One has with exclusives.

Of course, if you’ve gone and sold all of your old 360 games, then you’re a bit buggered. It’s nice to be able to play a cleaned up version of Morrowind, with widescreen support and much cleaner textures. (You could have played it already, although it wouldn’t have played as nicely without the Xbox One X enhancements.)

For the Xbox owners among us, especially anyone who trade in or upgraded to an Xbox One X, how much do you use backward compat – and of the games you’ve played, how have they held up?

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