Fortnite Is Down [Update: It’s Back!]

Fortnite Is Down [Update: It’s Back!]

If you tried to log into Fortnite yesterday and couldn’t get past the start screen, you aren’t alone. The wildly popular battle royale game has had server issues for over a day now.

Update: It’s back!

Original story follows:

Yesterday morning, Epic, the developer, announced that Fortnite was having login issues. A few hours later, the game came down:

As of this morning, the game is still not functioning, as Epic says it is still trying to deploy upgrades to its database systems. A representative from Epic told Kotaku that Epic is still working on getting the servers back up.

Epic says the game should come back to normal over the next few hours, but players on PS4 may have a longer wait time, unfortunately.

Yesterday morning Fortnite served login queues, though I waited for four minutes only to be given another “login failed”. Later, the game put me in an extremely long two hour and 30 minute queue.

Epic took to Reddit to share some more details:

We’re sorry for the ongoing extended instability. We had a critical failure with one of our account service databases. As a result, our login and matchmaking systems are unstable. Our team has been working through the night on fixes in order to bring the game fully back up. Right now we don’t know how long it will take, but we will update you hourly.

Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve these issues.

Elsewhere, the game has been offline for long enough that players are starting to get ansty:

Others are simply trying something new in the meantime:


    • Best part was people demanding free v bucks for ‘compensation’.

      I love checking the Facebook and twitter comments to see all the freaks lose their shit when something like this happens.

  • Thanks to my 14 yo this was the main topic of conversation in my house last night

    It got so bad that at one point that Ninja guy was playing Radical Heights on twitch!

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