Frustrated Teens And Docks Bricking Switches: This Week's Hot Game Topics

We have a streamer faux pas, disillusioned teens, docks bricking Switches, Carmen Sandiego and Dragon Quest on Kotaku XP, our weekly video roundup of what the heck is going on with games and the people who play them. Consider it Kotaku Cliff's Notes. Watching Gita Jackson and I talk is probably sufficient studying for the inevitable quiz.

This week, Ninja said a word he shouldn't have said. What a world we live in. When I was growing up in feudal Japan, ninjas didn't say any words at all. They just killed in silence, from the shadows. A talking Ninja is doomed to say something he isn't supposed to say.

Well, that was my joke for this week. Come back next week for another joke like the one above, and also to click "play" on that video up there.

Here are the stories we discussed this week!

No Man's Sky Is Finally Coming To Xbox This Winter

Hello Games No Man's Sky, released as a timed exclusive for Playstation 4 in 2016, will be coming to Xbox One this winter, and is also getting a huge update.

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Far Cry 5: The Kotaku Review

I've spent a long time trekking across Far Cry 5's fictional Hope County, Montana fighting the members of an apocalyptic cult led by a man called Joseph Seed, and I'm still not sure what their deal is. They drive around blasting weird Christian synth and shooting non-members on sight. It's weird and terrifying and unsatisfyingly explored in this epic-length game. For all its nods to contemporary politics and societal strife, Far Cry 5 is just another fun permutation of the usual Far Cry formula with nothing very interesting to say.

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Netflix Is Making A Carmen Sandiego Movie

Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin, Annihilation) is going to be playing mystery thief Carmen Sandiego in an upcoming live-action movie project for Netflix.

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Planned Sea Of Thieves Death Tax Cancelled After Community Outcry

Sea of Thieves is off to a rocky start; it's a cool game but feels a bit like a beta. Developer Rare has been trying to address this by adding new features. One proposed feature, a sort of death tax, was met with immediate community disapproval, prompting Rare to quickly cancel the feature.

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Fortnite Mobile Is Becoming A Battle Of The Sexes

'Girls have officially ruined Fortnite mobile,' a Twitter user named Michael recently declared. 'Girls in my school killed Fortnite mobile for me smh,' wrote Twitter user Julian. Maybe these statements sound dramatic, but the culture around Fortnite goes beyond kills and wins. Fortnite has become a constant presence in relationships, inspiring conversations about the dynamics between couples, including how men and women interact. With the release of Fortnite on mobile, conversations about gender still abound, but this time with a tinge of hostility.

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Nier: Automata's Director: 'I Might Be Broken In Some Way'

Yoko Taro appears in his trademark Emil mask at the Game Developers Conference in San FranciscoPhoto. Jason Schreier (Kotaku) Without his mask, Yoko Taro looks like anyone else at the Game Developers Conference. He has a thin grey beard and wears a black hoodie with short, flowing sleeves that wouldn't seem out of place at Hogwarts. His head is shaved, and his face is round, but otherwise he doesn't resemble the giant Nier mask that has become his trademark over the past few years. He just looks like a Japanese man.

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Switch Owners Say Third-Party Docks Are Bricking Their Consoles

Sean G. says his 80-hour Zelda. Breath of the Wild save file no longer exists, along with the other contents of his Nintendo Switch, after the system's recent 5.0 firmware update met his Nyko portable docking kit.

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Top Twitch Streamer Ninja Rapped A Slur, Leading To A Familiar Conundrum (Update: Ninja Apologises)

Yesterday, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, the hottest streamer on Twitch, was streaming Fortnite with a buddy. The pair wanted to find a good song to vibe to during their battle royale hunt. Eventually, the two put on Logic's '44 More,' and Blevins started ad libbing through the start of the song. That's when Blevins slipped the n-word in front of thousands of fans.

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